Many people think that studying abroad is very expensive, but that is not the case here at Weber State University.

The majority of students that attend a study abroad trip get scholarships. Some may even have their whole trip covered by the scholarships that are offered.

Rebecca Schwartz is the Study Abroad Director at Weber State University and helps WSU students with the whole process of going on a study abroad trip or doing the student exchange program.

“Students, study abroad for less than you pay on campus.” Schwartz said. After studying abroad students are more eligible for other scholarships.

While doing the student exchange program, WSU students pay the cost of a Weber education. All of the scholarships that the student may receive still apply even though the student is out of the country for a semester.

Businesses look for international experience. “The world is becoming more and more internationalized.” Said Rebecca Schwartz.

If a student attends a study abroad, they are twice as likely to get hired six months from graduation and receive a higher salary.

Schwartz helps WSU students find the best program to fit their needs and wants.

Weber State has many students that are very interested about the Medieval Times. A group of WSU students have been studying up on the history during that period. Which will help while exploring Scotland, England and France during the summer.

Many students that are receiving a Spanish minor or major will be going to Costa Rica to learn Spanish, learn about the culture and receive school credit. These students will also be able to explore the country during their free time.

Last year, the Art History Studio class went to Venice for three weeks to attend the Venice Biennale that is only held every two years. “Every moment that we shared will be with me forever.” Said Lichelle Jenkins, a student that attended this trip.

How about doing a service project in a different country? WSU students will be going to Peru to help with the construction of several buildings and activities with children.

WSU students will be traveling to Ghana to assist with community health education and in clinics. The students will also be able to work with local practitioners at the hospitals and clinics.

There are many opportunities with the Study Abroad office that is located in Room 110 of the Hurst Center. Students can contact Rebecca Schwartz at or (801)626-8740.

Discovering new foods, Learning about a new culture and making new friends sounds like a memory to keep forever.

Larissa Jiron is video reporter with The Signpost and is a Junior at Weber State and will be traveling abroad Summer 2016.

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