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Graduating Weber State students form W's with their hands. (Dalton Flandro / The Signpost)

April 29 marked the end of a journey for many Wildcats.

Weber State University hosted its 147th Commencement at the Dee Events Center for all graduating students and their families. Starting at 8 a.m., students entered to the sounds of Pomp and Circumstance though a tunnel lined with the smiling faces of the professors that followed them every step of the way.

“When you decided to obtain a college degree, you did more than invest in an education, you embarked on a transformational journey,” President Chuck Wight remarked to open up the ceremonies. “Today, as you celebrate your accomplishment, think of the person you were when you took that first step toward a college education, and think of the person you have become.”

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President Charles A. Wight smiles at the Spring 2016 commencement ceremony. (Dalton Flandro / The Signpost)

The proceedings were filled with students from all of the varied colleges and departments at WSU. Some were receiving their associates degree, while others were recognized for their bachelors degrees and beyond. Each person put in the effort to be able to stand proud and walk forward as a graduate.

As part of the commencement proceedings, speakers and events came from varied sources. From live music provided by the Weber State University Symphony Orchestra to speakers chosen from the board of trustees and the student body, many shared their voice of congratulation to the graduating seniors.

“Even though we Wildcats didn’t sit in the same classroom, we all know what it’s like to be human,” Graduate Tessa Diamond said during her commencement address. “Every day we have learned what it means to be human, to better ourselves while reaching out and helping others.”

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Graduating student speaker Tessa Diamond gives a speech at Spring 2016 commencement ceremony. (Dalton Flandro / The Signpost)

During the morning commencement proceedings, several community members were awarded honorary degrees from the university. Each recipient was awarded their degree for their continued service to the Ogden community as well as WSU as a whole.

“I encourage all of us to get to work, because there are problems in this world that need fixing,” David R. Hall, one of the honorary degree recipients, said during the proceedings. “I hope you all can look at the problems that are in the world as opportunities, and use them to help make tomorrow better.”

Though the journey has ended and new and greater adventures await them, the graduation proceedings marked a moment of pride in what many Wildcats have accomplished.

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Weber State University celebrates Spring 2016 Commencement. (Dalton Flandro / The Signpost)

“This day has been amazing, I am so happy it is finally here,” graduate Kaitlyn Johnson said after the commencement proceedings had ended. “I am so thankful to Weber State and for the opportunity to attend such an amazing school. No matter where I go from here on out, I will bleed purple. I will always be a Wildcat.”

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