Candidates for the Weber County Commissioner seat are striving to impress voters as the final election approaches at the end of this month.

Due to a lack of candidates from the Democratic party, the Republican primary will be the deciding vote on who will fill the open spot as a commissioner for Weber County.

Commissioners make important decisions regarding the county – the taxes, libraries, roads, air and other county or community events. There are three commissioners in Weber County. This race will fill one of those seats.

Weber County Commissioner Dabate
Jim Harvey and Caitlin Gochnour debate at Weber State University on Thursday, May 26. (Source: Olene S. Walker Institute of Politics and Public Service)

Jim Harvey and Caitlin Gochnour are the two candidates left in this race. Both Republican candidates have extensive resumes of community involvement and public service. Here at Weber State University, Jim Harvey has served on the Alumni Board, and Caitlin Gochnour has served on the Walker Institute and the Arts & Humanities boards.

As stated on his campaign flyer, Harvey has served on the Weber County School District Community Council, the Republican Party Precinct chair and as a delegate for both the county and the state.

“I believe in libraries, education and economic growth but also recognize that healthy communication and trust is vital to both of those issues,” Harvey said in a statement on his website.

According to a statement on Gochnour’s campaign flyer, she has served on the Ogden City Council, the Utah Arts Council, the Great Salt Lake Advisory Council and as a member of Weber Pathways Board.

“As your commissioner, I will strive for the best solutions for our county. I will continue to listen to your input and develop inclusive, solution-based decisions,” Gochnour said.

In a debate on May 26 hosted by the Olene S. Walker Institute of Politics & Public Service, the candidates covered diesel testing, road signs, libraries and the size of the county commission.

Of the topics discussed, the one that led to the most contention was the subject of diesel testing. Gochnour is proposing a plan where a system of diesel safety and emissions testing will be put in place for the county, an idea that Harvey is against.

Both candidates are emphatic about Weber State students being involved. After the debate on June 9, Jim Harvey advised the students: “Get involved in politics. Work at it. Get personal experience.”

Caitlin Gochnour said, “I believe it is super important for all student to engage in the political process, to be informed and most importantly to vote.”

The Weber County Republican Primary will be held via mail-in ballot. Voters are encouraged to mail in their votes, but in-person voting may be done on the primary voting date of June 28.

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