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The Ogden community comes together on Fourth of July for the Cherry Days Parade on Washington Blvd. (Dalton Flandro/The Signpost)

Independence Day. A day filled with pride, food, fireworks and the time to wear as much red, white and blue as possible. It’s a nonstop celebration from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to sleep.

Even if you’re alone, you are still united with the nation in its celebration. United. It’s in the name of our home country, and it’s the theme for the 4th of July.

Not only does the 4th of July bring national pride, it also brings people together for one day out of the year. It’s one of the only holidays where most everyone is in agreement and harmony.

This year, North Ogden hosted their annual Cherry Days Parade. The event took place on Washington Boulevard and began with firemen on their trucks, smiling and throwing candy to the children in the crowd. Not only was candy thrown, but bouncy balls and balloons were being given away as well.

It included many homemade floats from locals such as the Utah Dance Academy, the North Ogden Wranglers and a Mary Poppins float from a local high school drama club.

After the parade, many more events, including a hypnotist show, the Kiwanis Car Show and a magic show were being hosted at North Ogden Park. Along with these shows, the park also included some local vendors showcasing their products for all the attendees. One side of the park even included bounce houses for the little ones.

It was family oriented and gave off a feeling of hometown local pride for the city of Ogden.

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The Ogden community comes together on Fourth of July for the Cherry Days Parade on Washington Blvd. (Dalton Flandro/The Signpost)

One of the most touching parts of the Cherry Days Festival was watching an older man walking down the street at the parade in his old Navy uniform, smiling and waving to the crowd. A mother then walked out to shake his hand, and as he took her hand, he brought her into a hug. It was as if he was saying “thank you,” just for taking the time to thank him.

Without this holiday, they would not have been brought together in that shared moment of thankfulness and love. The 4th of July is a day where someone who you would never think to talk to becomes your friend. People from all backgrounds and cultures celebrate together. It’s a day to celebrate with family and friends everything that this country has given to our lives.

“It’s just red, white and blue,” said one Ogden local Emilee Sichz. “It’s hometown togetherness and pride.”

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