July 8, 2016 - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S - A group of protestors 'Hands Up' in from of Police as several hundred protestors took to the street in Philadelphia in protest of the recent police involved shootings around the country. (Source: Bastiaan Slabbers / TNS)

WSU will host a town hall meeting to discuss race on Saturday, July 30 at 1 p.m. Recent events around the country — from Orlando to Dallas to Baton Rogue and now to Ft. Myers, Florida — have caused this conversation to be necessary to facilitate a civil discourse to resolve issues.

Social media brought the deaths of Philando Castile and Alton Sterling directly to our mobile devices and our homes. Now, there is an opportunity to bring the discussion close to home.

The event will be held in the Shepherd Union Ballroom and will feature WSU President Charles A. Wight, community leaders and representatives from law enforcement.

“Too often, our separate experiences create what seems like an unbridgeable gap of understanding within our communities,” Wight said. “While valid points emerge from multiple sides, we must ultimately come together to move toward a better world.”

WSU students and the community will have the opportunity to listen to opinions on race relations and the role of law enforcement in protecting all citizens.

In an email to students, Wight brought up the need for unification in society.

“It is fitting that such a discussion occur within our university’s setting, as we continually strive to create a safe, respectful place for sharing ideas and viewpoints.”

In the same email, Wight also made mention of the different services available to students who have been struggling with the recent events.

“In the interim, those navigating the troubling events of the past several weeks should be aware of several resources on campus, such as the Counseling and Psychological Services Center, the Dean of Students, the Center for Multicultural Excellence and Diversity Office,” Wight said in an email to the student body.

This event is open to the public, and free campus parking will be available.

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