Yes, school has started and so has homework. But that doesn’t mean your fun has to stop altogether. Here are five ways to have some fun and relax now that class is once again in session.

Go to the gym

Simple, right? Believe it not, studies have shown that exercising helps you study better — and it’s a known stress reliever. Not a fan of running? Take a dive into Swenson Pool. With all the interactive fitness classes like yoga, cycling and Zumba available, you can even have enjoy your work out.

11-20 Living a Healthy LIfe
Carson Fackrell, a senior in sales, aims for making it to the gym seven days a week, but knows he might only make it five. (Gabe Cerritos / The Signpost)

Watch a movie

Weber State has a website for all WSU students to access while connected to campus Wi-Fi, and has many up-to-date movies and TV shows that you can catch up on while taking a break from homework.

Listen to music

This can be one of the most relaxing things during the school year. Take some time from your day to lay down and listen to your favorite songs or even download some new music. You can even share your music with friends, so you will never get bored of listening to your own.

Campus Events

Football games aren’t the only fun events to attend on campus. Weber State hosts a variety of guest speakers/lectures throughout the year. The Shaw Gallery also features many artists during the semester and has free admission for students. Additionally, free movies and documentaries are often shown in the Wildcat Theatre in the Student Union year round. So, if you’re not a big sports fan, check out some of these on-campus events and expand your entertainment horizons.

Foam Bash 9-4-2015 (Cydnee Green) (2 of 19).jpg
Students try flavored oxygen at last year's Foam Bash. Participating in campus events is one way to stay sane during the semester. (Cydnee Green / The Signpost)

Play games

In the the WSUSA office in the Student Union, there is an array of board games to choose from should intense, passive-aggressive family fun tickle your fancy. For a small price, you can also head down the stairs to Waldo’s Corner to play a game of bowling, shoot some pool or try your luck with shuffle board.

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