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The Weber State University Alumni Association has partnered with Weber State Credit Union to create the Wildcat Credit Card, a Visa Platinum card that offers cardholders a unique opportunity to give back to their community while earning rewards for themselves.

With the initial sign-up and with every purchase, WSCU makes a donation of a portion of the transaction revenue to the WSUAA student scholarship program, which is then awarded to students in need.

“Every year we are fortunate to work with our affinity partners to award scholarships to hard-working, deserving students,” Executive Director of the Weber State University Alumni Association Nany Collinwood said. “Many of these students would not be able to finish their degrees if it weren’t for partners, like Weber State Credit Union, supporting our programs and events. This support turns into scholarships that change lives and make dreams happen.”

In a press release, Cami Higgs of Weber State Credit Union reported that Deborah Belnap, a radiology student at WSU, said this about receiving a scholarship from Weber State University Alumni Association: “My Alumni Association scholarship has not only helped to decrease the financial burden of college, but it has also provided me with countless opportunities to better myself and give back to my school and community. I have learned to be a better student, employee, friend, family and society member for having been chosen as a recipient of a WSUAA scholarship.”

Collinwood said that the Weber State Credit Union has had a long and generous association with WSUAA and described WSCU as a “good neighbor and partner.”

According to Collinwood, Weber State Credit Union has been a sponsor of the WSUAA Classic Golf Tournament since 2006 and a Title Sponsor, the highest sponsor class, since 2008, allowing the Weber State University Alumni Association to provide scholarships to hundreds of students.

Roger Dickson of Weber State Credit Union said the credit union is getting an excellent response to the Wildcat Card.

Although the card just launched earlier this August, many alumni and students are excited about the card’s benefits. They are especially happy to know they are giving back to the university and helping students by using the card.

In 2015, the Weber State University Alumni Association was able to provide scholarships to more than 70 WSU students, for a total of more than $50,000.

The scholarships vary in amount and are intended to cover the cost of tuition with a limit of either the amount of the student’s tuition for the current semester or a maximum of $3,000

Weber State University Alumni Association funds the scholarship program through a number of sources: the WSUAA Golf Classic, the sale of Weber State University license plates, the Wildcat Art Sale program, the sale of the 500 piece puzzle by famed folk artist Eric Dowdle and donations from members of the Weber State University Alumni Association.

Students interested in the Weber State University Alumni Association scholarship program can learn more by logging onto their website and selecting “scholarship information” in the lower right-hand corner of the opening web page.

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