The Science & Tech section has slowly evolved through the years into a section that encompasses science, technology, health and business. Our section strived to cover the plethora of events on campus this year including several robot battles, multiple visits from the therapy dogs and various research symposiums that highlighted the work of science majors at WSU.

“Robots duke it out for the championship”
Reporter: Nathan Beach
Photographer: Christina Huerta

2-20 FIRST Robotics Competition-10.jpg
Robotics teams from throughout Utah and neighboring states competed in various challenges at the FIRST Tech Robotics Competition. (The Signpost/Christina Huerta)


In the Swenson Building on Feb. 20, kids from all over Utah, and some from out of state, gathered together to compete for the Utah State Championship of the FIRST Tech Challenge or FTC. This was the sixth time the competition was held at WSU. The event helped to promote WSU to potential students and encourage them to pursue careers in engineering. The teams built robots to compete in several different challenges for a chance to move onto the next competition.

“Ogden unites for sucide awareness”
Reporter: Kellie Plumhof
Photographer: Emily Ferguson

Supporters rally at the annual NUHOPE Suicide Awareness Walk


The eighth annual NUHOPE suicide awareness walk took place in September of 2015. Historic 25th Street, located in downtown Ogden, was transformed into a sea of red as 1,000 members of the community came together to walk for suicide awareness and prevention. The walk allowed people a chance to remember loved ones who have lost their lives to suicide and connect with others who shared their experience.

“Physics open house engages community”
Reporter: Tanoya Poulsen
Photographer: Cydnee Green

Physics Open House 10-9 (1 of 7).jpg
Andria Spencer amazes children at the Physics Open House by trapping them inside giant bubbles. (Cydnee Green / The Signpost)


The physics open house was held this year at WSU on Oct. 9, 2015. This was the ninth time the open house had been held at WSU. The open house is an important event for the physics department at WSU as it creates the opportunity for the department to teach and show off their skills to members of the Ogden community. The family-friendly event featured physics in a fun and easy to understand way including several indoor and outdoor activities.

“Fluffy, four-legged Xanax”
Reporter & Photographer: Various Signpost staff members

2-29 Therapy Dogs (Gabe Cerritos)
Monday February 29 therapy dogs came to Weber State to help students relieve their stress. This is Zed, a Golden Retriever and Lab mix, who is in the Canine Companions for Independence training program. (Gabe Cerritos / The Signpost)


The therapy dogs were a big hit this year at WSU making several visits throughout both fall and spring semesters. The dogs were primarily brought to campus around high-stress times such as midterms and finals. Students were able to sit down, pet and enjoy the company of the four-legged friends all year long. Although with all the love and attention the dogs received from students, it was hard to tell who enjoyed the visits more.

“WSU hosts Rube Goldberg, brings in engineers of tomorrow”
Reporter: Michael Bunderson
Photographer: Gabe Cerritos

12-4 Rube Goldberg Challenge (Gabe Cerritos / The Signpost)
Rube Goldberg was a cartoon artist known for his inventions that made an ordinary task quite extraordinary. (Gabe Cerritos / The Signpost)


WSU’s Engineering, Applied Science and Technology College, the northern Utah chapter of the Utah Air Force Association and Utah’s Aerospace Education Foundation came together to host the Rube Goldberg challenge at WSU. The competition was noteworthy because the previous year only three teams had participated, while in fall of 2015 ten teams total came to show off their engineering skills.





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