Weber State University downtown campus.
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Once a month members of the Ogden community gather together to discuss business ideas and receive feedback from their fellow entrepreneurs at the Weber State University Downtown Ogden Campus.

The latest meeting was held on Sept. 7 and was open to both professionals in the business community and people who are just getting started.

The meetings are part of a national program called 1 Million Cups. This is a free program designed to educate, engage and connect entrepreneurs. The program is based on the notion that entrepreneurs discover solutions and network over a million cups of coffee.

After being chartered in spring of this year the Ogden chapter has hosted three meetings for the community.

Brandon Stoddard, the director of the Utah Small Business Development Center at the Weber State Downtown facility, said the program has been a great learning experience thus far.

During the September 7th meeting, the presenters were the founders of Vidit, an Information/Communications Technology company and Cutting Edge Precision, a manufacturer of high precision, complex products, specializing in difficult and unique materials.

Vidit founder Rene Rodriguez treated the audience to a presentation of the basics of the Vidit augmented reality, social media process based on geo-spatial and image recognition technology. He explained that the name Vidit derives from the combination of the words “Video” and “it” and aptly describe the process they envision.

Founder Rene Rodriguez describes the Vidit process and business model. (Doug Manifold / The Signpost) Photo credit: Doug Manifold

“What makes Vidit so unique is that the user can attach any type of virtual content into any image or picture, logo or brand, or even landmarks,” Rodriguez said. “The virtual content that users can tag onto anything turns the entire world into a hyperlink.”

According to Rodriguez, in today’s world when you need to search for something people say, “Google it”. His goal is that one day it will become a verb just like “Google it”, only people will say “just Vidit”.

Cutting Edge Precision founder Travis Minnig discussed his company business plan, their near-term expectations and their goals for the future. Cutting Edge Precision specializes in machining precision components from difficult-to-machine materials.

Precision Machining specializes in small lot and short run production of precision components for the aerospace and defense industries. In the future, Minnig plans to add a line of carbon fiber based, high precision capabilities.

Cutting Edge Precision founder Travis Minnig describes CEBs capabilities and business plans. (Doug Manifold / The Signpost) Photo credit: Doug Manifold

Terrence Bride, the Division Manager of Business Development for the City of Ogden, which is a sponsor the program, and Sara Stoffers, also of the City of Ogden Business Development office, attended the meeting. Bride said that the 1 Million Cups program is an essential part of the emerging economic development of the City of Ogden.

Attendees mingle at the 1 Million Cups monthly meeting at Weber State University Downtown Campus. (Doug Manifold / The Signpost) Photo credit: Doug Manifold

The next meeting of the Ogden 1 Million Cups group is scheduled for October 5 at the Weber State University Downtown Ogden Campus. Admission is free – and breakfast will be served. The breakfast begins at 8:30 A.M., and the meeting starts at 9 A.M. and wraps up at about 10 A.M., with some attendees staying around after the meeting to network and ask more questions.

Anyone who is interested in attending the upcoming meeting can register to attend online.

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