The MovieGrille, located on the corner of Grant and 24th in Ogden, plans to re-open its doors. (Cydnee Green / The Signpost)

MovieGrille, located on 2293 Grant Avenue in Ogden, recently closed its doors and announced a plan to reopen under new ownership, according to their Facebook post on Sept. 14.

“The decision was made to turn the company over to new owners, Ogden locals, who will be renovating and reopening as the Red Carpet Cinema Pub,” Red Carpet Cinema Management said according to the post.

The Red Carpet Cinema Pub has plans to incorporate a high-end, acoustic music lounge for guests as they dine and wait for their movie to begin.

The theater will be updating its current menu and adding more options to the gluten-free menu. They are also keeping local favorites on the list — such as their famous hamburgers, pizza and sweet potato fries.

The new management team will also be renovating the theaters and upgrading the reclining chairs.

This updated facility has not yet posted its new hours of operation, but it is planning to be open on Sundays.

“Being a manager of a local organization, I am so excited to see that another locally-owned business is opening in Ogden,” Weber State student Cassidy DeHaan said. “It’s so important for the community, and I hope they get the support that local businesses deserve.”

The Red Carpet Cinema Pub will serve beer, including local brews; wine; and specialty cocktails.

Joann Williams, Co-Founder and COO of Talisman Brewing Company, located just off 12th Street, said that Talismans’ brews “has hopes to be there.”

According to Red Carpet Cinema Management, the facility plans to keep many of the same features, including older movie features for a lower price on certain days of the week.

The Red Carpet Cinema Management is currently working with cinema studios on being able to play newer content or getting the best that they can for their viewers.

“I hope it doesn’t turn into a bar and will still be family friendly,” April Maw, a regular customer said. “We loved the MovieGrille — it was my family’s favorite.”

While many patrons have been expressing their worries about what’s in store for this new facility, others show excitement for this addition to Ogden.

“I can’t wait — I am happy for the option of alcohol,” Rusti Walter said. “Just because a few adults choose to enjoy an adult beverage doesn’t mean it’s not a family place anymore.”

According to a comment on the Facebook post, the new owners plan to slightly increase ticket prices but will keep them reasonable for the “new and improved atmosphere.”

The new owners will be honoring gift certificates and coupons for a limited time after reopening.

While the official reopening date has yet to be released, the new management is projecting a date toward the middle of November 2016.

“I loved going to the MovieGrille — It was one of my favorite theaters,” Weber State student Kenzie Krause said. “While I am sad to see it go, I am excited to see what the new management has in store.”

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