The intramural sports program is part of Weber State University’s Campus Recreation Office and offers a variety of sports and other activities that promote health, fitness and social interaction.

Intramural Sports
Intramural sports include activities hosted by Weber State Campus Recreation that promote health, fitness and social interaction. (Source: Intramural Sports Marketing Coordinator)

Some activities on tap for this semester include indoor volleyball and kickball, a KanJam tournament, Speed Jenga and Human Hungry Hippos.

According to Morgan Fradley, the competitive sports coordinator, Human Hungry Hippos involves a skateboard, a laundry basket and a boatload of plastic balls.

“The balls we use for the games are the same ones you find in the kids’ ball pits,” Fradley said. “One person lies on their stomach, holding the basket, while two other players move them around as they gather up all of the balls they can.”

Other activities offered throughout the year include tennis, inner tube water polo, basketball, sand volleyball, dodgeball and indoor soccer.

Fradley says the Competitive Sports Office has done a lot to make the intramural program more accessible to students, including keeping the cost to participate relatively low.

“You can pay a one-time fee and participate in anything we offer for the whole year, instead of paying per sport each person participates in,” Fradley said. “We also host some free events just to encourage more participation.”

Some upcoming freebies include the weekly Football Pick ‘Em, a bracket-style weekly college football board, as well as the Speed Jenga.

Intramural flag football will take place on Saturdays from 8:30 a.m. until 1:30 p.m. (Source: Intramural Sports Marketing Coordinator)

Weber State intramural programs have room for everyone, depending on the sports they like to participate in.

“All skill levels are welcome,” Fradley said. “The idea is to get out and be active, try new things and to enjoy meeting new people.”

There is no requirement to sign up as a group for any of the recreation events. Students are frequently encouraged to sign up for campus recreation events as a method of getting active and making friends.

“Even if you don’t have a whole team together and you just want to get out and do something, sign up as a free agent and we’ll set you up,” Fradley said.

According to coordinators, the free agents usually end up getting the most out of events because they expand their social circles.

Weber State’s intramural programs are open to WSU students and the public. Intramural memberships for students, faculty and staff are $20 for the year or $15 for the semester.

This is a change from previous years when students were required to pay per sport.

Community members pay $30 for the year or $25 for the semester, which includes a pass to enter the facilities for their games.

You can find out more about the intramural program and the online registration process by visiting their website at

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