Attack the Light is an app based off the children's television show Steven Universe. (Leah Higginbotham / The Signpost)

Welcome to What’s App-ening, your weekly source for the latest and greatest in mobile apps. This week, the Steven Universe based app called Attack the Light.

Steven Universe is a children’s television show that has become very popular among young adults due to its confrontation of serious issues in a child-friendly manner. When Cartoon Network released a game based on the show for mobile devices, the fans went wild.

In the game, you play as Steven and his gem-based alien guardians, the Crystal Gems: Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl. Malicious gem monsters have invaded Earth, and it is your job to defeat them before they take over the world.

The game is a turn-based RPG. You can attack as any of the three Crystal Gems or use Steven’s shield and items to supplement the turn. The attacks are tapping and timing based, with a five-stamina limit per turn.

There are five worlds with approximately nine levels per world. Each world has a treasure level and a boss level, and the game can be put in Diamond Mode to make it even harder.

Even outside of Diamond Mode, the game is difficult for a mobile game aimed at the seven and under crowd, with a badge system in place to boost and lower certain stats and challenging bosses.

You travel by swiping in all directions, something college students with Tinder are no doubt familiar with. There are shops scattered across the levels and hidden rooms where you can battle hidden enemies and collect treasure.

The graphics are fun and simple, and the game is brightly colored, modeled after its cartoon namesake.

Attack the Light is an app based off the children's television show Steven Universe. (Leah Higginbotham / The Signpost)

To go along with the bright graphics is a cheery soundtrack, featuring tinkling piano pieces and battle music that inspire you to save the world.

With all of the gritty first-person shooters like Call of Duty and Halo, Attack the Light is a breath of fresh air. The cute style and fun story make it a charming, light-hearted game sure to entertain.

The app has a five-star rating on iTunes and over 10,000 reviews. I rate it 4/5 stars, due to the price. I got it free when it was iTunes’ app of the week, but the app is $2.99. Additionally, if you lock your phone while the app is open, it has the annoying tendency to crash, causing you to loose all your progress in the level.

Price aside, I really enjoy playing the game. It’s where I get my Steven Universe fix during the show’s often months-long hiatuses.

Attack the Light is available in the iPhone App Store and on Google Play.

Thanks for reading Wildcats, and until next Friday, you know What’s App-ening.

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