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Post: People that mock religion are f***ing mouth breathers. Just because science is your god or some s**t doesn’t make you some big f****ing deal. It’s base and pathetic to mock the way someone believes.

Oh, you poor, metaphysically insecure little goose. I’m not only disappointed in you but in the uninformed jackasses whose behavior led you to the misconception that science is a belief system — or that science is a “god.”

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Let’s get this straight: there are no worshipers at the base of Newton’s tomb, no Cult of the Higgs Boson; no one has ever immolated his daughter in the name of the one true bacterial culture, nor have legions marched across continents to butcher thousands of men, women and children who believed in a different amino acid.

To be clear, this isn’t to say that there aren’t imbeciles who treat data sets as doctrine. These nitwits are no more open minded than the fundamentalist monotheists they belittle.

They fail to understand how science works, which undermines their whole agenda. What science allows for are statements to be made more or less authoritatively based on the data collected through repetitive testing. True science does not, nor has it ever, claimed any definitive truths, and, in fact, change is a fundamental component of what makes science reliable.

Secondly, if you really did believe — with all your heart and mind — then you’d laugh off these zealous pseudo-scientific assaults, delighting in their preordained cage in Hell. The fact that their insults upset you so much speaks volumes about the unshakability your faith.

What I mean is, when I come across a Paulinist street preacher warning me about the consequences of my sins, I don’t feel even slightly compelled to debate him or anonymously post my anger toward him online because there isn’t the faintest doubt in my mind that he’s spewing utter drivel.

So maybe — just maybe — it’s not they who incited this anger. It’s your lack of conviction.

So perhaps you should keep your confessions like all good Christians should keep their prayers.

Mathew 6:6

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