What’s up Wildcats? Welcome to What’s App-ening, your weekly source for the latest and greatest in mobile apps. This week, I’m bringing it a little bit closer to home by reviewing the KWCR radio app.

KWCR's radio-streaming app is this week's app of the week. (Charles Bowker / The Signpost)

If you’ve ever been in the Shepard Union building and heard the music playing, then chances are you’ve heard KWCR, the student-run radio station at Weber State University.

KWCR specializes in local and indie music. Sometimes, you just want to hear those sweet jams, but you’re not on campus and, let’s be honest, we all have too much homework to drop what we’re doing and run to the Union building just to listen to good music.

While KWCR used to be on 88.1 FM, they are now completely digital, which is why you’ll need the app to listen when you’re off campus.

KWCR's radio-streaming app is this week's app of the week. (Charles Bowker / The Signpost)

All in all, the app is pretty straight forward: you can either turn on or off the live stream, connect with KWCR’s social media or contact the station directly.

The app is user friendly and serves its purpose well.

The live stream will play outside of the app and the sound is high quality.

Additionally in the app, you can find a direct link to KWCR’s website and social media.

I’ve never had the stream buffer or the app crash, and at 28.6 MB, it barely takes up any space on my phone.

If I had a complaint, and I had to try very hard to come up with one, it would be that the whole app is grayscale (at least in the Android version), and it’d be nice to see some color in there. Might I suggest some purple?

Lack of color in my version aside, I give the app five out of five stars. Aside from being very user friendly and an easily accessible way to keep your music taste local, the quality is phenomenal, both in the execution of the app and the content.

KWCR radio is free on both iTunes and Google Play.

Thanks for reading Wildcats, and until next week, you know What’s App-ening.

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