Nike+Run Club is an app designed to help people meet their fitness goals and track their health progress. (Screenshot by Leah Higginbotham) Photo credit: Leah Higginbotham

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Whether you’re training for a marathon, trying to avoid the dreaded freshman fifteen or wanting to log your treks across campus, the Nike+RunClub app can help you out.

To use the app, you’ll need to make an account, but like most social media, you can connect it through your Facebook account.

There are two running modes, a basic run, where you set up your music and just start running for as long and far as you can.

In this mode, the app will estimate how fast your mile will be based on your pace, the distance traveled and the route you run.

Nike+Run Club will keep track of the distance and time spent exercising. (Screenshot by Leah Higginbotham) Photo credit: Leah Higginbotham

A basic run would be what you’d want to set up in between classes to track your mileage and speed.

On the flip side, if you are using the app for training or losing weight, that’s where the coached mode comes in handy.

You can set up a plan through the app to help you reach your goals. You tell Nike+Runclub how many times you’ll run during the week week, your current activity level and your height and weight.

With this information, the app will create a tailored plan to meet your health needs.

The benefits don’t end at just tracking and predicting times. The app also has social functions to help motivate you.

You can set up goal competitions with friends and share your progress on social media.

(Screenshot by Leah Higginbotham)

You can also join running clubs in your area or an online community of runners.

Moving from content to quality, the app has a very user friendly interface and is easy to navigate.

The app has never crashed on me and has been an overall positive experience.

All in all, I give Nike+Runclub five out of five stars.

Nike+Runclub is free on iTunes and Google Play.

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