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In Neko Atsume, three cats: Cocoa, Shadow and Sunny can be collected. (Screenshot by Leah Higginbotham)

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Neko Atsume is an app that brings you all the joy of being a cat lady (or gentleman) with none of the cat litter.

The Japanese cat-collecting game was released in 2014 but became popular in 2015 with the release of an English version of the app.

The point of Neko Atsume is to attract and take pictures of as many cats as you can bring into to your digital garden.

There’s a surprising amount of strategy that goes into collecting all the cats the game offers.

The concept is simple, but there are 58 cats of varying rarity to collect, and they all require different toys and food to attract them.

In order to attract the cats you want, you’ll need to purchase the toys and food that the cats want using the in-app currency: fish.

There are two types of fish in the game: normal gray fish and gold fish. The gray fish are earned easily when less rare cats stop by your garden.

Neko Atsume 1.PNG
You can receive normal or gold fish from the cats that visit your garden. (Screenshot by Leah Higginbotham)

One cat in particular leaves a lot of normal fish behind: Tubbs. Tubbs can be your best friend or your enemy.

Tubbs comes when you place a bowl of any food except Thrifty Bits (the food you get for free) out.

Once Tubbs is there, he won’t leave until eats all the food. Additionally, you can’t refill the food bowl until he leaves.

If you’re looking for a lot of fish, then Tubbs is a good omen. However, if you’re trying to attract other cats that like the expensive foods, you’ll have to refill the bowl.

Gold fish are left by rarer cats. You can also find them when you leave a cat’s favorite toy out.

Gold fish can be used to buy better food and toys or to get a garden expansion that allows you to attract even more cats.

Of course if you want, you can buy gold fish using your real life money, but if spending real money on digital fish is too rich for you blood, you can always exchange 500 normal fish for ten gold fish.

If it’s normal fish you need, you can, in a move that loses the game a star, exchange 10 gold fish for 250 normal fish.

Over all, Neko Atsume is a fun, cute game with a good art style and easy to use interface.

I give Neko Atsume four of five stars for the nonsensical fish-to-fish exchange rate and overall enjoyment of the game and cats.

Neko Atsume is available for free on iOS and Android.

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