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Halloween is upon us, and with it comes the obligation of finding a costume.

Between work and school, it can be hard to find the time to plan a costume before the party begins.

Let’s face it: an hour before the party, most of us will find ourselves in a panic with no costume in sight.

However, I find myself in this situation more than once a year, often putting together my entire costume for Comic Con the night and morning before I head to the

So today, I am imparting some of my wisdom for handling costume procrastination. Here are three quick and cheap last-minute Halloween costumes.

First up, if by some miracle you have two hours and about 20 dollars, head down to the local thrift store to pick up this comfy and easy-to-wear Pokemon Trainer

You will need a pair of jeans (or leggings); a black t-shirt; a red vest (or shirt that can be cut into a vest); a red baseball cap; a pair of fingerless gloves; a small ball, about the size of your hand; and red, black and white paint.

To make your Pokeball, paint the top red and the bottom white with a white circle the size of a half dollar in middle of the ball. Then going around the circumference of the ball where the red and white paint meet, paint a thick black line around the center, being sure to go around the white circle.

Set the ball aside to dry and grab your baseball hat. Just above the brim of the hat, paint the outline of a white semicircle and fill it in almost entirely, leaving a smaller red semicircle in the middle.

After the hat and ball have dried completely, put on your jeans, black shirt and vest, leaving the vest open enough to see the shirt underneath. Put on your hat, grab the Pokeball and you are ready to catch ‘em all — candy, that is.

Next up on the list is Freddy Fazzbear from “Five Nights at Freddy’s.”

You will need a brown T-shirt, a black marker, a bit of black eyeliner or face paint, some hot glue, three sheets of black construction paper, a length of red ribbon and a hair clip or bobby pin.

To make Freddy’s hat, glue one sheet of your construction paper into a cylinder by rolling it horizontally, overlapping the paper by about two centimeters and gluing where the paper overlaps.

Then, cut out and glue a circle to the top and bottom of the cylinder, making the bottom one slightly bigger, mimicking the brim of a top hat.

At the bottom of the cylinder, glue your ribbon around the circumference of the cylinder and then glue the hair clip to the bottom of the hat.

To make the bow tie, fold the last piece of paper into fourths and glue the folds together in the center of the paper. Glue a strip of paper around the center to mimic a knot in the tie. Glue your remaining ribbon to the back, so you can tie it around your neck.

Take your shirt and draw three black circles down the center snowman-style using the marker and then draw three freckles on each of your cheeks with the

Finally, if you don’t have time or money, you can always go as what most of us already are: an exhausted college student. Don your favorite WSU T-shirt, grab your backpack and pillow and use some eyeliner to draw dark circles under your eyes.

These costumes might not help you win the costume contest, but at least you dressed up, which is really all that matters. Happy

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