Shades of orange are not obligatory for fall fashion. (Source: Jennifer Cirone)

Fall can raise some interesting questions about fashion. Here’s an attempt at some answers.

A big ‘oops’ in the fall is the color palette. One might believe that during these three months of the year, they are required to wear the obligatory fall colors.

Don’t believe it?

Look up the hashtag #instafall on Instagram and behold over 400,000 posts of people wearing pumpkin orange and mustard yellow (be prepared for a preponderance of photos with people throwing leaves).

Jennifer Cirone, Mrs. North America in the Mrs. Globe beauty pageant, said to avoid orange at all costs. She said if you want fall colors, go for the light brown, tan, copper and bronze.

“You can accessorize with some nice, soft, delicate gold pieces, nothing too big or bulky. I really like the plain gold bar — or a watch. I absolutely love watches,” Cirone said.

Besides the color scheme, dressing for the wind can be a challenge when a full-on windbreaker is too much, yet the wind finds its way right through the weave of a knit sweater.

Brooke Shunatona from Cosmopolitan Magazine wrote that in fall, trench coats are a great option for those days,

“These are amazing. Don’t carry your dumpy umbrella that blows inside out,” Shunatona said. “Throw on a trendy trench coat and look super stylish!”

Additionally, windy days are a great opportunity for those with long hair to control their manes by embracing the latest fall hair trend.

“The ponytail went into retirement for a season as hairstylists turned to a chicer, more contained style: the knot,” said Alexandra Tunell from Harper’s Bazaar Fashion Magazine.

Another problem people find in the fall is how to dress warm when it’s too cold for a long-sleeve shirt and too warm for a winter jacket.

One option is to wear a flannel shirt. Cirone said she loves plaid and flannel in the fall.

“They are so comfy and cozy. It’s warm, and it’s soft. It feels like winter’s coming,” Cirone said. “It feels like it’s time to cozy up to the fire, and it feels like you need to make yourself a cup of hot chocolate.”

She also recommended scarves and Bearpaw boots to keep warm.

“The shorter boots are really cute right now. I still love tall boots, but it’s the shorter boots that are more in fashion,” Cirone said.

Short, warm boots and wrapped in plaid. (Source: Jennifer Cirone)

Fall is really the only time to wear those cute but impractical open-toe half boots.

“Open toe means no socks, and no socks means smelly summer feet. And in the winter, no socks means bare toes, which means frostbite. Those two weeks in fall when the weather is something out of a dream? Open-toe booties are perfect,” said Shunatona.

Fall fashion definitely poses some challenges because it requires some personal decisions about what to wear. There aren’t hard-and-fast do’s and don’ts.

Over 400,000 people chose to post pictures on Instagram of themselves wearing shades of squash colors, so obviously people are free to choose.

Fall fashion is all about opinion.

As Cirone said, “Honestly, I could care less what people say about fashion. Like, who are you to tell me what to wear? If I want to wear white pants in the winter, I will!”

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