Salt Palace Convention Center holds Pinners Conference on Nov. 4 and 5. (Source: Kalli White)


Pinterest fans filed into the Salt Palace Convention Center on Nov. 4 and 5 for a chance to see their pins come to life. Featuring over 200 shopping booths and over 100 classes, Pinners Conference was a chance to make Pinterest dreams a reality.

This show travels to Texas, Georgia, Arizona and Salt Lake City. This is the fourth year that the Pinners Conference has come to SLC. Admission to the conference ranged from $7 to $29, depending on the number of classes attended.

Those who went to the conference had the chance to look at products from a plethora of vendors, both local and out of state. There was a variety of different items available to purchase, including clothing, home decor, craft supplies and food — just to name a few.

Attendees had the option to attend a number of different classes by popular presenters from all over the United States. There were classes covering different categories, including DIY, health, beauty, photography and cooking.

One attendee, Julia Whipple, said her favorite part of the conference was being able to attend a photo-editing class presented by Jessica Magalei.

“It was so awesome to be able to attend this class for such an affordable price,” Whipple said. “Usually a class like this would probably cost a few hundred dollars. I learned so much from Jessica.”

Magalei shared her expertise in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. She also demonstrated her personal editing techniques. Another presenter, Cara Brook, taught quick and easy everyday makeup. The Six Sisters, Utah locals who also presented, have their own cookbooks and a well-known blog.

Jill Hall, a first time Pinners Conference attendee, loved her experience at the conference.

“I am so glad I came to Pinners,” she said. “It was so fun to shop around and see businesses that I have only seen on Instagram and Pinterest. These businesses are so creative, and it was so fun to be able to purchase their clever products. I will definitely be back next year.”

Salt Palace Convention Center holds Pinners Conference on Nov. 4 and 5. (Source: Kalli White)


This show is an opportunity for businesses to reach a large number of people and meet their customers in person.

“Not only is it a very profitable show for us, but it’s super fun to check out all of the fun booths and classes,” Betsy Mikesell, owner of Beddy’s, said. “It’s our favorite show, not only as an exhibitors but also as an attendees.”

Pinners Conference gives attendees the chance to shop, create and learn. It also helps small and growing businesses reach a larger audience. For those interested in attending next year, Pinners Conference will return to Salt Lake City next fall.


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