Kyle Gorrell attempts to stop the ball from entering the net during a Weber State Lacrosse Practice. (Source: Weber State Lacrosse)

Weber State University lacrosse is trying to restructure its program from a recreational club into a competitive program as they continue their entrance process to the Rocky Mountain Lacrosse Conference — Division 2.

“The club has had different renditions since the early ’90s,” WSU club president Craig Potter said. “Since 2015, we are trying to progress toward top-caliber play.”

As part of the development, WSU lacrosse is in an effort to become a full-member of the Rocky Mountain Lacrosse Conference.

In order to become a full member of the RMLC, the club has to complete its entrance process, beginning with phase one, which consists of being able to grow a complete roster and schedule four RMLC teams.

The process starts with recruiting, Potter said. He is looking to find more players to further compete with competitive universities.

Weber State Lacrosse competes in two seasons during the school year — the fall and spring season. WSU just finished its fall season, which is seen by most as a preseason, and is beginning to prepare for their spring season.

Over the fall season, Potter looked to develop his roster and see how the team would compete against quality opponents.

“We performed as well as could be expected,” Potter said. “We played some teams that have been playing together for years.”

Each season, WSU Lacrosse has different goals or agendas for the players and coaches. The goal for the fall season was to advance in the process of joining the RMLC, and the goal now becomes preparing for the spring season.

“Our biggest goal for the fall was expansion and retention,” freshman attack Braxton Rogers said. “We want to establish our team, get our name out and improve as a team.”

Rogers is one of three members who returned from last season, and he believes that retention will increase as WSU lacrosse grows.

“It starts with developing a moral foundation and establishing a committed team mentality,” Rogers said.

WSU lacrosse looks to actively recruit until the spring season begins on Feb. 25, as they take on Utah State University in Logan. Potter expects the team to have at least 15 members for the season in order to compete.

WSU lacrosse has two fees: $500 for gear and $500 for operational costs for the spring season.

Potter realizes that the cost to play on the WSU lacrosse can be steep, so he advises students to come see him if cost is an issue.

“A lot of guys get concerned about the cost to play,” Potter said. “We have some leeway and can strategize and make it possible to play.”

The club practices three times a week and is looking to play in regional weekend games this spring.

To join Weber State lacrosse, go to weber.edu/recclubs and fill out the membership and informed consent waivers. The membership fee can be paid at the Campus Recreation Office.

Follow the club on Facebook, @WEBERSTATELAX, for more information.

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