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Sarahi Oseguera, Jafeet Sandoval and Itzel Puga, of LEAP Program pose for a photograph on Nov. 18. (Francisca Flores / The Signpost)

The International Student and Scholar Center and the LEAP program got together with volunteers to help at the Catholic Community Services of Northern Utah on Nov. 18.

Students helped to distribute food for people in need to conclude International Student week.

Catholic Community Services serves the homeless and hungry, refugees fleeing their homes because of persecution and those fighting addiction.

“An elderly woman started crying at the service project because she was so touched by our generosity. It felt good to know that our voluntary work is appreciated and makes such a big difference in someone’s life,” said Shari Kaeding.

Kaeding, 22, is an international student from Germany. She is a senior majoring in business administration. Kaeding attended the service project because she also attended this years’ Project Lead where they packed 25,000 packages of food for people in need.

“It was a very rewarding experience, and it felt good to make such a big impact in such a small amount of time,” said Kaeding.

This service project was on a smaller scale, but students got to see the people that they were helping. The idea behind it was to give international students insight into how rewarding the service experience can be.

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Luna Shrestha, international student. (Francisca Flores / The Signpost)

“I am very grateful with Catholic Community Service Center because they help many people that can’t afford to buy food,” said Sarahi Oseguera.

Oseguera, 18, is a student in the LEAP program, level 6. She is from Mexico, and she is still thinking what to study. Oseguera attended the service project because she is in a community class. “Every Friday we go and do service. It was super fun since I met so many people.”

“My mom gets help from them, and I really liked helping them because I know it’s for something good,” added Oseguera.

Students felt lucky and happy to give back and see how they can make someone’s day with just a little gesture. Students recommend everyone to help others.

“The goal for me is to give back, I have been very blessed in my life,” said Clyde Berry.

Berry, is a senior citizen who has been a volunteer for the community for six years. Berry comes every Tuesday and Friday to help for five hours in the food bank area.

“I usually have three to four people helping me but this time we have a lot more,” said Berry.

This service project hopes to raise awareness for the people in need: not only is their local community is concerned about them, but even international students are there to help them.

For more information about Catholic Community Services or opportunities to volunteer go to their website at www.ccsnorthernutah.org or call to (801)-394-5944.

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