Anthony Carrillo takes down his opponent during the Colorado State University Tournament. (Source: Weber State Wrestling)

Weber State University wrestling is reawakening.

Wildcat wrestlers competed in their first NCWA tournament in almost two years on Nov. 12 at Colorado State University, after having not competed once during the 2015–16 season.

Three WSU wrestlers entered into the tournament at CSU, including club president Sal Mouhammad, Anthony Carrillo and Alex Santoy.

Mouhammad lost both of his matches in the 175 weight class in his first competitive meet since the 2014–15 season.

“It was expected,” Mouhammad said. “But this tournament was a learning experience. We’re going to train a lot harder for the next one.”

Mouhammad took over as club president in 2015, and with only three returning wrestlers, he decided to forgo competitive tournaments last season.

Instead, the club spent the last year recruiting and networking with other coaches in order to re-enter university competition.

“Recruiting is a big thing, and, also, networking is huge,” said Mouhammad. “I’ve been networking with NCWA coaches to let them know that we will be competing this year.”

WSU wrestling looks at this season as an experience builder for the club and wants to get the name of the club out to Weber State students.

“The end game for wrestling (this season) is publicity,” said Mouhammad. “There’s a lot of people who don’t know Weber State had a wrestling club.”

This year, WSU wrestling has built its roster to include 12 club members and looks to compete in more NCWA tournaments this season.

“We’re not looking to win every single wrestling match,” Mouhammad said. “We are looking to compete and gain some experience for the upcoming years.”

Anyone of any experience level can join Weber State wrestling, learn about the sport and prepare to compete in future competitions.

WSU Wrestling is for anyone that is interested in wrestling or joining a club says Mouhammad.

Alex Santoy, Sal Mouhammad, Anthony Carrillo, Cheysten Kawailima-Ranis and Blayne Morris-Kato. (Source: Weber State Wrestling)

Sophomore Cheysten Kawailimia-Ranis joined the club without having any wrestling experience.

“I always thought it was something I wanted to try,” said Kawailimia-Ranis. “I know Sal and knew I could learn from him.”

WSU wrestling is a recreational club that also competes in professional competitions, unlike a lot of the clubs on campus.

Although the club is looking to make a big push into NCWA competition, the club’s main goal is the experience of competing and meeting people that have similar goals.

Sophomore Blayne Morris-Kato is a first-year club member and has enjoyed every minute of it.

“I joined the club to stay in-shape and be healthy while competing,” said Morris-Kato.

Weber State wrestling practices three times a week and will compete in regional tournaments on the weekends.

WSU students can join the club at any time. The club has an $80 entrance fee, which pays for travel, hotel and apparel.

To join Weber State wrestling, go to weber.edu/recclubs and fill out the membership and informed consent waivers. The membership fee can be paid at the Campus Recreation Office.

Follow the club on Facebook @WEBERWRESTLING for more information.

Club President Sal Mouhammad attempts to take down his opponent during a match earlier this season. (Source: Weber State Wrestling)
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