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The Davis Campus Programming Board discuss upcoming plans for Davis Campus events on Jan. 11. (Rachel Storm / The Signpost)

Davis Campus Programming Board held its first meeting of the spring semester on Jan. 11, to finalize the budget and dates of Davis Campus’s larger events this upcoming semester.

“Spring is when we put on our biggest, most expensive events,” said Hayley Tomney, Vice President of Davis Campus. “This semester, students can look forward to the Color Festival, laser tag, paint night, a drag show and more.

When asked to describe the purpose of the Programming Board, McKaylee Brooks, service director and board member said, “We plan a lot of events at the Davis Campus. We use student fees to coordinate events and create a positive experience at the college.”

The board has tentatively scheduled 12 events for the upcoming spring.

“We organize diversity events, service events, events for families of the non-traditional students as well as events for traditional students.” Brooks said. “We each have our own events we’re in charge of, but we meet every week to collaborate and plan them as a team.”

“Typically, we try to have about one event every week,” McKell Costley, traditional student director and board member said.

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The Davis Campus Programming Board discuss upcoming plans for Davis Campus events on Jan. 11. (Rachel Storm / The Signpost)

Costley is particularly looking forward to the Paint Night on Feb. 3. During this event, students will receive step-by-step instruction on how to paint a particular picture regardless of artistic skill. Due to the limited seating and high demand, it is one of the only events on Davis Campus students must pay for in order to attend.

Because the Davis campus is a smaller campus than WSU’s main campus, the Davis Campus Programming Board has a limited budget when planning these events. Despite that budget, most events hosted by the Davis Campus Programing Board are free.

Tomney and the Programming Board often find low-cost service projects, creative DIY events, or community partners to offset the price of hosting these events.

“Since we are such a small campus, we try to reach out to our community as much as we can,” Tomney said. “Especially Davis county — whether it’s reading with elementary school kids for a service project or inviting the local high schools to join in on Science Night — we try to reach out to our community.”

Davis Campus’s biggest event, the Annual Color Festival, cost approximately $4,000. Last year, this event attracted over 300 students.

“I think I’m most excited for Color Fest,” Tomney said. “It’s the event that everybody talks about.”

Tomney will graduate this spring and hopes to leave a legacy in this year’s Annual Color Festival.

“I want to make it even bigger and better than ever. It will be a challenge for my team, but I am looking forward to it,” Tomney said.

Students interested in becoming involved in the Davis Campus Programming Board are invited to visit the Davis Student Involvement and Leadership offices in D3 221. Their meetings are open to the public and meet at 3 p.m. every Wednesday in the Davis SIL offices.

Students interested in more information about upcoming events on the WSU Davis Campus can find it at https://www.facebook.com/pg/wsudavis/events.

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