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A crowd dressed in purple cheers on the men’s basketball team in their first round of the NCAA Tournament in St. Louis, Missouri in Spring 2016. Student executives hold a meeting to discuss Weber Wear Friday and #JustWeber to boost overall school spirit. (The Signpost Archives)

On Jan. 19, the Weber State University Student Association Executive Board met to discuss their future plans to better implement several projects.

The projects emphasized were Weber Wear Fridays and the use of the #JustWeber social media hashtag. While both ventures were issued with passion, their hype has decreased over recent months, according to the executive board.

Weber Wear Fridays started as an opportunity for students to get involved displaying school spirit. Any student wearing any form of Weber State apparel could go to a table in the Shepherd Union and get a free gift courtesy of the WSUSA.

#JustWeber was started as a social media opportunity for students to use different internet platforms to display what life is like at Weber State.

“The amount of time that has been placed into each of these topics has not been the best,” said Lame Kinikini, Vice President of Diversity & Unity. “I think that’s where all these other issues stem from. The question is now: how can we, as leaders, commit ourselves and our teams to the activities we choose?”

After a dialogue about ways to improve the current standing of WSUSA’s energy spent on activities, meetings and organization, each member of the board was asked to voice his or her opinion as to which two topics should take the most focus.

Some in the group fell silent as other executives spoke about why they felt certain points were most important to emphasize now.

Among the topics being considered, most members of the board felt that Weber Wear Friday and using #JustWeber were more deserving of their energy to help the student body’s school spirit and campus morale.

“When some people see #JustWeber, they think ‘Oh, it’s just Weber,’” said board member Lola Moli. “#JustWeber means that only at Weber can you get this really special, amazing experience. It’s to help people be inspired that Weber State really is incredible.”

Several board members said that when Weber Wear Fridays began, it was successful but has decreased in popularity due to an underlying mood of apathy.

As the deliberation continued, most members of the board emphasized that talking about a subject is one thing, but actually putting that discussion to action is another.

“I feel that we do a really great job of talking about things, and sometimes life gets in the way of doing it. But at the same time, I mean, we need to hold the things we talk about constantly to the highest priority,” said Greg Woodfield, student body president. “It’s about constantly trying to improve.”

Woodfield gave a “call to arms” as the meeting drew to a close. He asked that the vice presidents and their teams be active in turning the items discussed into plans that each team can be excited about, adding that if the members of the board are passionate about what they do, they can turn that passion into action.

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