Bulletproof coffee offers a more filling alternative to the traditional cup of joe. (John Wise / The Signpost)

An elevated version of America’s favorite morning companion has experienced a steady rise in converts. Coffee shops across the country are adding trademarked Bulletproof Coffee to their menus.

If the beverage is missing from your local coffee shop, don’t worry; you can prepare this drink yourself. It requires no specialized equipment.

One word of advice, use the best ingredients you can afford. Try this recipe for a sweet, aromatic coffee experience.

Start with your favorite whole bean coffee. Ethiopian beans have a complex and fruity flavor that make an excellent bulletproof, but any strain of Arabica will do.

First, brew a cup of strong coffee. A french press, pour-over or AeroPress will give you great results. It is best to avoid using drip coffee.

Next, grab your blender. Mind you, it doesn’t have to be a good one, as long as it has a lid.

Add to the blender one teaspoon of butter — butter is the crux — two teaspoons of coconut oil, one teaspoon of honey and a dash of cinnamon. If you’d like, the smallest shake of cayenne pepper can take it to the next level.

Pour in the coffee and blend for about ten seconds. Pour the beverage into a cup and enjoy.

The drink has superb texture, reminiscent of a chai latte. The honey provides a subtle sweetness, and the cinnamon kicks in just enough spice. If you added the cayenne, you should feel that extra kick.

The unique taste alone keeps many on the Bulletproof train, but it’s also more filling than regular coffee because butter (or ghee if you’d prefer the substitute) has a dose of Omega 3 fatty acids.

Dave Asprey of Bulletproof suggests using his proprietary oil in addition to the butter. The website can provide you with more info about Bulletproof coffee.

If you find yourself forgoing breakfast and pouring coffee into an empty stomach, you’ve likely felt the abdominal distress and anxious sweating that often follows.

Bulletproof Coffee adds a few hundred calories that can ease the acidic coffee you just poured onto the lining of your digestive system, and the fat helps fight the caffeine crash later in the day.

In addition, if you ever get a phlegmy feel in your throat from adding milk or cream to your coffee, you’ll find that bulletproof does not.

Make your own and encourage your local barista to put it on the menu.

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