Graphic by Samantha VanOrman

Two things that almost all people have in common are death and the need to use the restroom.

As students who spend many hours on campus, we often use the school bathrooms. While there are many restrooms, some are of better quality than others.

For those on the constant search for a suitable lavatory, I am going to map some of my favorite restrooms to use at Weber State University and why they are noteworthy.

Recent renovations have taken place on one end of the Stewart Library and a highlight of the construction is the new restrooms.

The newly constructed section of the library opened to the public on Jan. 17. I decided to take a journey to the building and explore the facilities that have changed since construction began.

As I entered the restroom, it was as though I had fallen down the metaphorical rabbit hole and entered a new world of fresh marble and chrome. The toilets, sinks and walls have a modern style to them that gives a much-needed feeling of relief from the stresses of student life.

The experience of visiting this latrine helped me overcome some of the obstacles that I had to face that day.

While the new library bathrooms are remarkable, another bathroom on campus offers a clean and stylized experience.

Inside the Browning Center, located by the entrance to the Eccles Theatre, is a seldom used bathroom that can be seen as a lavatorial oasis.

The floor tile is a checkered pattern that almost welcomes you to the use of the toilets in a friendly and artistic way. The stall doors are black with sparkled decoration to create a neoclassical feel to the process of using the bathroom.

While I am a frequent user of this restroom, my favorite quality is that it is rarely used when I have visited. A benefit of this particular bathroom over others is that it proposes a pleasant experience with a guarantee of little social interaction.

If social interactions don’t bother you in the pursuit of using a commode, but you wish to emphasize hygiene through your experience, Tracy Hall is the answer to your problems.

The newest building on campus offers a bathroom element that stands differently than its campus predecessors: automatic door openers.

Several people avoid touching bathroom door handles to prevent germs from spreading. In some of the Tracy Hall bathrooms, a sensor is located inside the restroom by the door so that when you exit, you can open the door without touching it.

This feature reflects the purpose of the building, as math and science classes are taught there and several of the decorative elements have to do with engineering and invention.

There are toilets all over campus that are different and special in their own way. One key to a successful experience at college is finding the bathrooms that you like the most and you feel comfortable in.

Overall, humans are creatures of habit and will use whichever restroom they prefer the most. Let’s hope that despite differences in toilet opinions, there can be a flush of acceptance.

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