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Students and employers attend the Career Fair at Weber State University last semester. Branches of the military are expected at the upcoming fair on Feb. 1. (The Signpost Archives)


Among the employers who will be represented at the Career Fair on Feb. 1 are the U.S. Army, the Navy and the Marine Corps.

The U.S. Army will be represented at the Fair by Sergeant First Class Michael Orozco, who is assigned to the Army Recruiting Center in Ogden.

Sgt. Orozco will be available to provide students with information about the 150 career options offered by the Army and the 120 career options offered by the Army Reserve.

Sgt. Orozco said he will also have information about the Army’s Simultaneous Membership Program, which allows students to attend the Army ROTC program at WSU and to serve in the U.S. Army Reserve at the same time.

Orozco said that the program gives students the opportunity for additional training and experience. Cadets serve as Officer Trainees in the Reserve while completing college.

Orozco said cadets can earn reserve pay and benefits in addition to their Army ROTC scholarships and allowances. Cadets can also take advantage of other ROTC scholarship programs at the same time.

R.O.T.C Competition 10-27-2016. (Dalton Flandro)-0228.JPG
R.O.T.C from schools throughout Utah compete at Weber State University last fall. The Army Reserve will have information on reserve benefits and ROTC scholarships at the Career Fair on Feb. 1. (Dalton Flandro/ THe Signpost)


The U.S. Marine Corps will be represented at the Career Fair by Captain Ryan Himmighoefer. Capt. Himmighoefer plans to discuss the Marine Corps Officer Candidate program. He said that the Marine Corps’ focus at the Career Fair will be on students interested in pre-law and careers in the Judge Advocate General’s office.

The U.S. Navy will be represented at the Career Fair by Chief Petty Officer Scott Vetter, who will be available to discuss Naval Office Training programs. Chief Vetter said that the Navy is especially interested in students who would like to consider naval aviation as a career.

Chief Vetter said that there are hundreds of professional roles in dozens of fields in the Navy, and wherever a student serves — whether as an enlisted sailor or officer, serving full-time or part-time — students will find unrivaled training, support and experience in a career unlike any other.

More information about the Career Fair and participating businesses can be found online.

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