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WSUSA student executives discuss ways to utilize Weber State University’s Davis Campus. (Dalton Flandro / The Signpost)

On Jan. 26, the Weber State University Student Association Executive Board met to discuss different ways to utilize the Davis campus for future events and activities.

Located on University Park Boulevard in Layton, the Davis campus offers classes and activities open to all WSU students, but mostly serves those who live outside of Ogden or travel around Davis County regularly.

As the discussion about the Davis campus began, the topic of student government involvement between the two campuses became the main focus.

“We want to see the WSUSA there, but we want to see them interacting with our team as well,” said Davis campus Vice President Hayley Tomney. “I think that’s what we’re looking for, that communication.”

Some of the members of the executive board were confused as to who is invited to Davis campus activities, who can participate and what groups can assist planning events at Davis.

“I didn’t know we even did stuff at the Davis campus,” said board member Lola Moli. “I thought Davis did Davis events and Ogden did Ogden events.”

Several other board members echoed Moli’s thoughts as questions then began circulating about how to build a better relationship between the two campuses.

While Tomney offered several answers concerning the benefits of programming and hosting events, other board members expressed a feeling of separation between the two campuses permeating the possibility of greater unity.

“I feel like if I were to schedule something at the Davis campus, I would be stepping on their toes,” said Landon Bickley, Leadership Vice President. “I feel like I schedule things for the Ogden campus, I do things for the Ogden campus and I think that’s a flawed thought pattern.”

After the discussion, Bickley felt that it would be good for his team’s morale to encourage them to plan future events at the Davis campus.

Both the Ogden and Davis campuses operate under the same university, but there is a contrast in the overall mechanisms of the schools, including programs and student demographics.

The Davis campus features the Northern Utah Academy for Math, Engineering and Science, or NUAMES, an early college charter high school that works in junction with Weber State University to help high school aged students transition to collegiate life.

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Hudson Kendall of NUAMES stands behind a 3-D printer he built with a mentor in Fall 2014. WSUSA executives discuss involving NUAMES students in more activities. (The Signpost Archives)

The NUAMES program has a student leadership organization that operates with the Davis campus to coordinate activities and events for both high school and college students to attend.

Several members of the WSUSA Executive Board expressed a desire to involve the NUAMES students more along in their activities along with their new goal of creating more events for all students to attend at the Davis campus.

“The Student Involvement and Leadership at Davis is different, but sometimes I feel that we get in the way of each other,” said WSUSA President Greg Woodfield. “I think it would be beneficial, for us, and even future leaders, to get an understanding on the workings and programming at the Davis campus.”

The WSUSA Executive Board has planned several upcoming events at the Davis campus and expect more to come in the future.

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