Race, gender identity and sexual orientation will be put on discussion at WSU Diversity Center’s talk on being both black and queer on Feb. 16. (Source:

Each individual has different facets of identity that overlap and intersect in a variety of ways. When it comes to being a part of multiple minorities, these overlaps provide people with unique social perspectives and identities that may make them feel isolated.

To address one such point of overlap, the WSU Diversity Center is hosting a discussion on Feb. 16th about the experiences of being both black and queer.

The discussion will be held between noon and 1:15 p.m. in the Shepherd Union Building, room 232. Students of all sexual/romantic orientations and genders are welcome to attend the discussion.

Some may find it difficult to bring up intersectionality — when social categorizations like race, gender identity and sexual orientation overlap — but the discussion aims to address these issues in a safe environment.

WSU student Josie Margaret said she felt alone in her experiences until she met others who identified as queer through a similar program while she was still in high school.

Forums like this provide a safe place for black, queer-identifying people and their allies to discuss what comes with being a part of multiple social categories and can help people feel less alone.

Jayson Stokes, the WSU LGBT Resource Center coordinator, said acknowledging intersectionality is important, because as human beings, we share space.

“We don’t have to make sense of other people’s experiences,” Stokes said. “We should just try to honor and respect other people’s experiences as valid.”

More information about the Diversity Center and other Black History Month activities can be found online.

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