Light fixtures made from vintage items. (Jeweliette Cordero / The Signpost)

Acorns Antique and Vintage Show brought some amazing vendors from all over the surrounding states. Business came from all across the Midwest and California to showcase their collections here in Ogden, Utah.

The show, held at the Weber County fairgrounds, featured everything from vintage furniture, toys, glassware, art, to band t-shirts, records and jewelry. It hosts its antique and vintage show three times a year at the fairgrounds: one featuring a holiday show in the first week of November, one Valentine’s day weekend, and one Mother’s Day weekend.

The show began originally with coordinator Heidi Wilcock’s mother, Georgia Clason. In an interview with Standard Examiner in October 2016, Wilcock explains that she continued Acorns after her mother passed. When asked what the festival meant to her, she replied, “A family tradition. Acorns has been run by the family for 32 years. When it gets in your blood, you just like the old stuff.”

Weber alumni, Michelle Pool and Sheri Parker, also took part in the show. Both graduated from Weber State: Michelle with a degree from the Interior Design program and Sheri from the Fine Arts.

Pool, self-proclaimed “Junk-Lovin’ Baker”, is also the owner of Vintage Cupcake but likes to sell and collect antiques and vintage items. After noticing the common theme of pink at her stand, she said, “I like to find things that are originally vintage pink. It’s my favorite color.”

The owners of C&S Co-op left to right: Denise Wilson-Gamble, Carla Cunningham, Sheri Parker. (Jeweliette Cordero / The Signpost)

Parker is part of company called C&S Co-op. She works alongside her partners Carla Cunningham and Denise Wilson-Gamble. The company specializes in upholstery and lighting. Carla specializes in repurposing anything from crates to funnels into vintage-modern ceiling lights. Sherri is in charge of the upholstering of the repurposed furniture. She even traveled to the city of Wells, England to learn the art of old-world upholstery.

Antiques and vintage collectibles may not seem appealing to the younger crowd, but Wilcock seems to think otherwise. “[Acorns is] more diverse. Of all the shows, this is probably the one that’s more diverse in the variety. It’s for all ages, but it totally meets the younger crowd.”

Acorns has something for everyone of all ages. Teens and young adults can also find vintage items that match their sense of style. So when looking for items with personality, go antique shopping.

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