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A proposed bill to reduce the number of times the student senate is required to meet on Davis campus will be put to vote by student senate on Feb. 27. The senate’s meeting was originally scheduled for Feb. 13 and has been postponed. (The Signpost Archives)

The Student Senate postponed voting on a bill that would reduce the number of times the body meets in Davis. The vote, scheduled for Feb. 13, was moved to their next meeting on Feb. 27.

The bill proposes changes to current WSUSA bylaws, which would require senators to hold one official Senate meeting instead of two at the Davis Campus. Two new amendments of the bill were also presented, including clauses requiring Senate members to participate in two events, activities, or town halls at Davis Campus to increase Senate presence and representation at that campus.

Before the presentation of the bill, Legislative VP Jeffery Henry encouraged Senate members to carefully consider both perspectives and make a well-informed decision.

“I know this is a tense subject for some,” Henry said. “But respect the process and hear both sides.”

Davis Campus VP Hayley Tomney was opposed to the bill as it was presented to the Senate. Davis Senator Jessica Cairo read a statement to the Senate on Tomney’s behalf, encouraging the Senate to maintain formal representation at Davis Campus where student voices could be heard.

To address those concerns, Senator Parker Hughes sponsored the new amendments and gathered 104 signatures from his constituents at Davis campus and Ogden in support of the bill. Hughes feels this petition sends a strong message of support from the student body in favor of the bill.

Senator Zachary Bliss, who also co-sponsored the bill, was pleased with the decision to postpone the vote.

“We want everyone to feel comfortable and completely informed before casting a vote on the issue,” Bliss said in the senate meeting.

“I think the new amendments meet the concerns of the Davis leadership,” Hughes said. “Tabling the bill until next time was the best decision. It allows Senators to review the discussion and the new amendments.”

Cairo was also pleased with the decision to postpone the bill. “I need a little more time to process the new amendments and to talk with students and faculty members and hear what they have to say,” he said.

Cairo recognized the effort Hughes has put into the bill to make it more agreeable for Cairo’s Davis constituents and emphasized her responsibility to vote in their best interest.

“Some of the vague wording in the bill concerns me. There’s no point in working this hard to come to agreement if the wording is just going to have to be changed next semester,” Cairo said.

Senate meetings are open to the public. Any student who would like to voice their opinion or concerns about the Davis Meeting Bill is invited to attend the upcoming Senate meeting on Feb. 27, or write their respective senators whose contact information can be found at http://www.weber.edu/StudentInvolvement/legislative.html .

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