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Across the United States, immigrants from many different countries stood together in solidarity for the national “Day Without Immigrants” protest.

The protest consisted of both immigrants and those who support their cause opting out of simple things like work, school and spending money at local businesses.

In the Ogden community, several of the local restaurants have worked to adapt to the protest. At least three of the local Beto’s franchises closed their doors for business, while 80 percent of the kitchen staff at Slackwater Pub & Pizzeria were given the day off to join the nation
in protest.

We at The Signpost have a long-standing tradition focusing on the diverse culture that feeds into the Weber State University community and that of Ogden as a whole.

In today’s paper, we raise our voices with the nation. On page 5, our Spanish page, we support our Spanish-speaking populations across the nation. #ADayWithoutImmigrants #UnDíaSinImigrantes

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