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WSU Students eat at Waldo's Corner Pocket in Fall 2016. WSUSA executives discussed Waldo's Corner for future events in their meeting on Feb. 23. (The Signpost Archives)

The Weber State University Student Association Executive Board met on Feb. 23 to discuss events hosted in partnership with Waldo’s Corner Pocket.

Located on the second floor of the Shepherd Union by the billiard hall, Waldo’s Corner Pocket is a concession stand that offers pizza, wings and snack foods along with specialty sodas.

“We’re looking for different ways to advertise it,” said board member Noor Mouhammad. “The first Wednesday of every month, we do a jam night. We do karaoke, lip syncing — a lot of things to get students engaged and bring their talents.”

Board members discussed how Waldo’s Corner Pocket can be used as a tool to help host events by providing food and drinks to those in attendance.

Not only can Waldo’s Corner Pocket help with these monthly events, but board members mentioned that they are available for other university groups that wish to hold events there.

According to Mouhammad, the food stand will stay open after its normal working hours and offer samples of their food and drinks for a modest fee.

Waldo’s Corner Pocket is planning on adding new items to their food menu and making changes to the hours they are open to best meet the needs of students.

Events held with Waldo’s Corner Pocket can be seen on the Weber’s Happening Events page under the WSUSA section of WSU’s website.

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