Cinemark's loyalty program introduces new upgrades. (Source: Tribune News Service)

Cinemark, the third leading movie exhibitor, is now offering free upgrades to XD screenings to all members of the Cinemark Connections loyalty program. The offer is valid through March 13.

The Cinemark Connections loyalty program offers its members the chance to build points to earn discounts on tickets and concessions and allows its members access to behind-the-scenes footage, chances to attend film premieres and early access to advance tickets. And now it offers XD for no additional cost.

“XD auditoriums feature wall-to-wall screens, custom engineered surround-sound with multichannel speakers and state-of-the-art projection systems capable of delivering 35 trillion colors,” said Lanay Stokes, Corporate Special Projects Director of Cinemark, in a press release. In many ways, XD is similar to IMAX. Cinemark currently has 131 XD screen locations.

The nearest XD theater to Weber State is located in Layton, which recently finished going through an update. This included adding bigger plush seats and leather reclining seats. This change is part of the major overhaul that much of Cinemark is experiencing.

“We want everyone to be able to experience a movie in XD. We personally believe that once you see a movie in XD, you don’t want to go back.” said Stokes when asked about the special offer.

For those who are already members of the Cinemark Connections, all one has to do is purchase an XD ticket, and the discount is automatically added. If you are not yet a member, you can sign up online at https://www.cinemark.com/connections. It’s free and available to anyone.

“Seeing a movie in Cinemark XD is an immersive sight and sound experience,” says James Meredith, Cinemark’s senior VP of marketing and communications. “Cinemark’s free upgrade offer allows new and existing loyalty program members to enjoy their favorite movies in the absolute best movie-watching environment.”

For more information and a list of Cinemark XD locations, visit www.cinemark.com

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