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Deeshyra Thomas, #2, looks for a pass to a teammate in a game against University of Idaho on Feb. 25. (Dalton Flandro / The Signpost)

The day began in celebration but ended in disappointment for the Weber State University women’s basketball team. In their final home game, the Wildcats fell to the University of Idaho 82–77.

To kick off the final home game of the season, the team honored the lone senior on the roster: Deeshyra Thomas. She was welcomed at center court with flowers, a framed jersey and several members of her family.

While being celebrated on the court, she received a standing ovation from the Wildcat faithful.

“It was a lot to take in, but I loved it,” Thomas said. “I love these fans. I love this crowd. I wouldn’t rather play anywhere else.”

In her final game at the Dee Events Center, Thomas had another dominant performance. She scored a team-high 26 points — her fifth game of the season scoring at least 20 points.

She also had a team-high 19 shots. Following Thomas on the scorer’s list was sophomore Yarden Danan with 13 points of her own.

Freshman Tyschal Blake and junior Kailie Quinn were the only other Wildcats to score in double digits with 11 points apiece. Danan and Blake led the team in rebounds with eight apiece.

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Tyschal Blake, #41, attempts a basket against University of Idaho Feb. 25. (Dalton Flandro / The Signpost)

Among other players, both Thomas and Danan were able to play in front of their families. This was the only game the Danan family was able to watch in person, having to fly in from Israel to watch the home finale.

“My father yelled at me the whole game, and that’s one voice I can’t miss,” Danan said.

Late in the game, an errant hit from one of the Vandals left Thomas’ lip split open. This is not the first time in her four years as a Wildcat that she came out of a game with cuts and bruises.

“It’s like any other crazy play,” Thomas said. “It happens. There’s nothing you can do, and you’ve got to move forward and shake it off.”

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Yarden Danan, #12, looks for pass in a game against University of Idaho on Feb. 25. (Dalton Flandro / The Signpost)

On the defensive side, the Wildcats did everything in their power. Of the eight Vandals to take the court, six were shut down offensively.

“We held one of their leaders, but the other two stepped up big,” Weber State coach Bethann Ord said.

The other two were sophomore Mikayla Ferenz and junior Geraldine McCorkell who combined for 57 points.

This loss has now given the Wildcats four consecutive losses heading into the final road trip of the season.

“I really like the way the girls are playing,” coach Ord said. “They play together, they take care of each other and that’s what is most important.”

These will be the final games in Thomas’ collegiate career, but coach Ord hopes it is not the end. She believes Thomas has the ability to move on and play professionally overseas.

After the road games, the team will head to Reno for the Big Sky Conference Tournament.

After the weekend’s games, Weber State stands as the eighth seed in the conference, the seventh seed being the highest potential seed for the team.

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