At Grounds for Coffee in Ogden, local talent and college radio come together to help locals grow. Every first and third Friday of each month, Grounds for Coffee collaborates with WSU’s KRCW radio station to host an open mic night from 8–10 p.m. on 3005 Harrison Blvd. in Ogden.

The event provides an open forum for musicians, poets, and spoken word artists from all around Ogden and the surrounding areas to share their talent with an audience.

“It’s great for the audience because they can become inspired to perform when they see an ordinary person up there,” says local musician Jake Perry, “It’s less pressure on the musician as well, compared to a paid gig.”

KWCR specializes in indie and local artists. The student-run station aims to play only the cream of the crop. It doesn’t get any more independent than an open mic like this.

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Students perform at KWCR open mic night. Photo credit: The Signpost Archives

Unlike a concert, open mic nights tend to be less formal. This, coupled with a smaller audience and a more diverse range of performances, lends more of a communal feel to the exhibition.

For artists just starting out, an open mic night is a great first step in becoming more comfortable in front of an audience. In any case, events like these are great for those looking to make the transition to bigger shows.

“Open mics allow a completely open platform for any performer to get up and show their stuff,” said Kevin Edwards, a local musician. “Since the audience is mostly made up of fellow performers, it’s also a great place to network.”

Grounds for Coffee is about community. Since opening in 1991, they have made it their mission to strengthen the community and help the environment too.

By spending cash in town, customers embrace the character of a town and contribute more money to the local economy.

At the open mic night, students can grab a coffee, and hear some local artists, while supporting their neighbors and local economy.

Whether you’re a musician trying out new material, an artist wanting to share a message, or a citizen seeking local culture, there is something at this open mic for everyone. Tune in to KWCR at for new music and more information on future events.

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