The WSU Senate voted in favor of changing the wording of by-laws regarding student demographics entitled to a senator representative to include, “a distinct demographic recognized by the university.”

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Senator Zachary Bliss has championed this cause in hopes of obtaining a senate seat for the LGBT community. Bliss has been working with WSU faculty and staff on the wording and the legality of this bill since fall semester.

Last year, the LGBT community went through the process of obtaining a senate seat. However, the WSU Supreme Court deemed it unconstitutional due to the previous wording of the by-laws.

Now that the wording has been changed the community is ready to try again. The first step in the process is to garner 150 signature on a petition. The petition is located at the LGBT resource center in the Student Services Building room 154.

“There has been immense support from the community who want this seat,” Bliss said, “Last year, there were several people ready to run for it, even without a tuition waiver.”

Bliss will also have the petition available to sign in the Student Union building on Wednesday and Friday for the next two weeks.

Students interested in learning more about this issue are invited to contact Senator Bliss at or contact the Weber LGBT Resource Center at 801-626-7271.

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