Rain - A Tribute to the Beatles
RAIN - A Tribute to the Beatles. Rain performed at Weber State University's Browning Center on Feb. 28. (Source: WSU Lindquist College of Arts and Humanities / MagicSpace Entertainment press photographs)

Rain: A Tribute to The Beatles, gave a throwback performance in honor of the 50th anniversary of the Beatles’ album, “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band,” which The Beatles never performed live themselves.

The first half of the show began with songs from the albums “Hard Day’s Night,” “Please Please Me,” “Help!” and “Revolver.” About 30 songs were performed throughout the night.

The show featured spectacular technology, including lighting, sound, camera work and dynamic backdrops throughout the performance. Vintage news clips about the band during its rise to fame appeared behind the performers, along with old commercials for brands such as Winston’s Cigarettes, Heinz and Corn Flakes.

A variety of generations was represented. There was at least one person from every age group among the crowd.

Frank Bradshaw, director of the Office of Cultural Affairs, said, “The lives and the music of the Beatles have had a tremendous effect on our culture and our music — one that has spanned over 50 years. Their music was inspired by the artists who came before them, and now the artists who followed have and are still being inspired by the Beatles. And that influence is still being seen and felt today.”

For many, the show brought back memories of when they saw the Beatles during the height of the band’s success. For another group in attendance, those a generation or two too late, said, for them, the show was even better than the real thing.

“We didn’t get to see the real thing, but it was better than the real thing,” said one attendee, laughing. “It was great, great music. Excellent! The stage, the technology. … It brings back fun memories,” said another.

For those of later generations, like Browning Center usher Taylor Orr, it was a rare opportunity. Orr, also a WSU student, said it was the closest she would get to watching the Beatles live. She was so excited when she heard that a tribute to the Beatles was playing that she asked her manager if she could work the night of the event despite not initially appearing on the

Her first introduction to the band was in her history of rock ’n’ roll class at Weber State.

“All of the Sgt. Lonely Heart’s Club album,” Orr said of her favorite Beatles’ songs, “it has that acid-drop feeling. It’s just so cool and

The night concluded with the crowd calling for an encore. Together, the audience joined Rain in singing along with “Hey Jude.”

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