Lavender Vinyl, Historic 25th Street’s first record store, is fast approaching its one-year anniversary. For store owners Kylee Hallows and Blake Lundell, the store opening was a dream come true.

“We’re living the dream. This what we wanted to do. We’re even happier now. We were really scared, and now it feels a little more real,” Hallows said of their first year in business.

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Blake Lundell and Kylee Hallows stand before their record store Lavender Vinyl on Ogden's Historic 25th Street. (The Signpost Archives)

Before their opening, Hallows and Lundell talked about wanting their store to become a place where everyone feels welcome. They said one of the coolest things they’ve experienced so far since with the community is establishing relationships with both the locals and other nearby businesses.

“We have our group of regular customers that’ll come out and hang out with us. It’s really a comfortable environment. It feels natural to us,” explains Hallows.

“We’ve met a ton of new people and it’s always fun to share music with people,” Lundell said. They both went on to explain that they also receive a lot of visitors from not just Ogden, but even visitors from Salt Lake.

Both explained that it was due to the lack of record stores within the state, thus making Lavender Vinyl a unique store for everyone.

“Everyday you find something new,” added Lundell. Both owners agree that since opening, they have become more well rounded people when it comes to the music world because of their customers.

Lavender Vinyl even hosts live performances of local artists and touring bands. Some performances are held at the store, while others are held at The Salty Creative, a rental space in downtown Salt Lake with shows being sponsored by Utah’s Listening Room.

Some upcoming events include performances by Matt Harnish’s Pink Guitar with Googolplexia, Morgan Thomas and Friends and Cait Thompson.

Lavender Vinyl will also be releasing an album on July 8th, titled “Strangers” by Josaleigh Pollett. A party will be held that night at the Funk ‘N Dive in honor of the album release via Lavender Vinyl and in honor of the store’s one year anniversary.

(Jeweliette Cordero / The Signpost)
(Jeweliette Cordero / The Signpost)
(Jeweliette Cordero / The Signpost)
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