The 2017–2018 executive election results were announced on March 17 at Weber’s Got Talent in the Shepherd Union building.

The results were announced ten minutes after a contestant from the talent show was done performing. Previous student body vice presidents revealed the incoming officials.

Aulola Moli cries as she comes up on stage after having been announced the 2017-18 WSUSA Student Body President in the Shepherd Union on March 17. (Dalton Flandro / The Signpost)

The WSUSA Student Body President for the 2017–2018 school year is Aulola Moli. The vice presidents for 2017–2018 are Parker Hughes as Legislative VP, McKell Costley as Davis VP, Jessica Cairo as Clubs and Organizations VP, Hayley Harris for Service VP, Salim Ben Khalifa for Diversity and Unity VP, Michelle Thao for Activities VP and Mackenzie Stokes for Leadership VP.

Harris is the upcoming vice president for the Service team who was running against three other candidates, Hannah Smith, Ty Nelson and Danielle Collier. All of the candidates who were running for Service VP were on the service team this past year.

Harris held the position as the Youth Impact chair for the Service team for two years. Harris will plan monthly events for the kids that attend Youth Impact and will recruit Weber State University students as volunteers.

“It has been a pathway of service for me,” said Harris.

Harris decided to run for Service VP after talking to previous Service VPs about what it takes to be vice president of an organization a week before a decision had to be made.

“I committed to the responsibilities before I started running because I knew that it was going to involve work and effort,” said Harris.

Harris said she would collaborate more with multiple WSUSA teams.

“Service not only helps the other person, but you also gain so much from it, you gain organization skills and people skills,” said Harris.

Christyna Sakura, a WSU student, attended Weber’s Got Talent and voted in the executive elections. Sakura explained that two of the candidates she had voted for “made it.”

According to Sakura, she liked the idea of having the election results announced at an event like Weber’s Got Talent.

“It gives us students a bit of excitement throughout the night,” said Sakura.

Landon Bickley, current Leadership Vice President, hugs Mackenzie Stokes, announced 2017-18 Vice President of Leadership, in the Shepherd Union on March 17. (Dalton Flandro / The Signpost)

For the past two years, the results of the executive elections have been announced at Weber’s Got Talent.

Noor Mouhammad, co-host and the current activities VP, explained that the executive election continues to be part of Weber’s Got Talent because it is entertaining to announce the winners while putting on a show. “It creates good anticipation,” she said.

“I graduate this year and I am very excited to pass on my role and everything that I have worked hard with my team to accomplish this year onto Michelle, who will be the new activities VP next year, — I think that she is going to do a great job continuing the traditions that we have started,” said Mouhammad.

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