The Weber State University Student Association Senate met on March 27 and approved two bills that will help the Senate members in being more aware of their responsibilities.

Both bills were sponsored by senator for the College of Social & Behavioral Sciences, Parker Hughes.

The bills pertained to the ratification dates for the WSU Supreme Court members, as well as other elected positions within the WSUSA leadership. The Senate created the bills in order to align the senators’ responsibilities with both the WSU Constitution and the by-laws establishing the procedures within the senate.

Each bill discussion opened with a five-minute debate focusing on both pro and con points of view. However, a motion was passed to decrease debate time to only one minute.

For both bills, the members remained silent during the pro and con discussion time with no debate on either bill. Several senators shared a chuckle at the lack of debate and no one’s willingness to speak out against it.

After the time for debate ended, a motion was made to vote on whether or not to pass each bill.

The Senate unanimously passed both bills, with all 18 Senators supporting both bills.

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