As a sophomore at Weber State University, I searched for a place to get into a fitness routine that would work with my schedule. That’s when I found recreational fitness classes offered at WSU.

According to the WSU group exercise schedule posted online, on average, 10 fitness classes are offered each day, two classes on Saturday, none on Sunday. The fitness classes included TRX, yoga, cycling, Zumba, among others.

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Drop-in yoga classes are offered for students, faculty, and staff with their Wildcard. Classes like yoga, zumba, and cycling are scheduled throughout the week. (The Signpost Archives)

Since fitness classes are spread out through the day, it’s given me an opportunity to find a fitness class that fits my daily schedule as a student.

Rachelle Krohn is a fitness instructor at WSU who began teaching on campus in 2013. She completed her 200-hour registered yoga instructor training in 2011 and holds certifications from AFAA yoga, PowderBlueCo Pilates-Yoga and FiTour Advanced Yoga. Krohn preserves her training by attending workshops, trainings and master classes.

Krohn believes that to benefit from a fitness class requires an educated instructor who can show students proper alignment.

“An instructor can show you different levels to do the exercise,” said Krohn. “It is also mentally stimulating and entertaining to have a teacher. You are also more likely to be motivated.”

Tarryn Nascimento, a WSU student majoring in advanced radiologic science, explains that she has attended different types of yoga and Zumba classes at WSU. Her favorite yoga class she has taken on campus was Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga.

“It is a challenging class and does engage the major muscle groups, but it also promotes deep breathing, relaxation and meditation practices,” said Nascimento. “I like the fitness classes because sometimes it is easier for me to engage in a more organized form of workout where I can watch someone and follow along, as opposed to setting my own workout for myself and trying to navigate the gym and all of its machines and equipment on my own.”

Krohn explained that Ashtanga is an ancient form of yoga that means eight limbs. Some of those limbs represent things like a code of ethics, nonviolence and honesty.

“Fitness classes at WSU that teach Ashtanga focus on the physical parts of the practice like posture, breath, strength and stretching,” said Krohn.

As I have tried a variety of recreational fitness classes at WSU, I found classes that were meant for relaxation and (that) taught me to be mindful of my body, and I found others that challenged my endurance.

According to Krohn, a benefit students experience from fitness classes is increased confidence, even though it can be intimidating for some students at first.

“The most obvious benefit is it has given me a generalized sense of fitness and overall health. It also is encouraging once you attend one session. You feel more comfortable in going again,” said Nascimento.

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