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Lola Moli, 2017-2018 WSUSA President. (Dalton Flandro / The Signpost)


WSUSA is Weber State University’s Student Association. WSUSA is equivalent to the student government that organizes events in high school. One major difference between the two governments is that at Weber State, WSUSA is given a budget from student fees to sponsor campus events.

Every spring semester, elections are held and students have the opportunity to voice their opinions on who they want governing Weber State. Because these student-elected officials organize events funded by student fees, those enrolled at Weber State are encouraged to learn about the candidates and select ones that they best believe represent them.

The WSUSA student body president for the 2017–18 school year is Aulola Moli.

“My goal as president is to constantly seek for ways to create a fun and open atmosphere where students can continue to contribute to Weber State’s greatness,” Moli said in her platform.

Moli believes she will be a force on campus that will empower students to fulfill their dreams.

“Students have a voice at this campus, maybe even better than at any other campus here in Utah,” Moli said in an interview with The Signpost. “Weber State University is amazing, and here, the voices of students aspire change and make things happen.”


The vice presidents for 2017–18 are Parker Hughes as Legislative VP, McKell Costley as Davis VP, Jessica Cairo as Clubs and Organizations VP, Hayley Harris for Service VP, Salim Ben Khalifa for Diversity and Unity VP, Michelle Thao for Activities VP and Mackenzie Stokes for Leadership VP.

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