Incoming Senate President Parker Hughes accepts his new gavel. (Chris Nichols / The Signpost)

The Weber State University Student Association Senate held its last official meeting for the 2016–2017 academic year on April 10.

The overall senate meeting was broken up into two separate sessions: the first with the current Senate and the second with next year’s Senate.

The current Senate took the opportunity to hand out awards to Senate members who had shown remarkable skills in dealing with their positions and constituencies. Each member was given a personalized certificate remarking on multiple tasks that they took on during the year.

Senate President Jeff Henry also dedicated a brief amount of time to congratulating the incoming Senate President Parker Hughes on his election to the position and awarded him with a personalized gavel that Henry paid for.

Those elected Senate members who were not present for the WSUSA inauguration on April 7 were sworn into their positions at the end of the meeting as a close to the current Senate’s year.

Those who were not present at the WSUSA inauguration were sworn in at the Senate meeting. (Chris Nichols / The Signpost)

After the current Senate ended their session, the upcoming Senate members took time to have a special meeting with each member taking their official position.

Their main goal was to ratify and determine the future of four vacant seats on the Senate. Two positions, Senator for College of Social & Behavioral Science as well as Senator for Honors & BIS, had potential candidates attend the meeting and propose to the group why they believe they should be elected to those positions.

To close the meeting, Hughes reassured the Senate members of his dedication to the school as well to assisting them in their responsibilities.

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