The Ogden Twilight Summer Concert Series has returned to us! If you have never been, let me paint a picture of why it’s such a rare and special event in Ogden.

The crowd includes, but is not limited to, people with crazy hair, people wearing mismatched patterns, artsy-fartsies, hippies, mountain men, adorable children, cool moms, goofs and even some biker dudes. My kind of people right there. Everyone is weird, and everyone is nice.

The Ogden Twilight Concerts are every Thursday in June in the Ogden Amphitheater. Photo credit: Maddy Van Orman

So, you have the awesome people, factor in the awesome music and the cheap prices — and boom! What more can you ask for in a Thursday evening activity?

Every Thursday, the concerts will go on, rain or shine, until June 29. Doors open at 5 p.m., and the concerts usually end around 10 p.m.

Last week’s concert featured Oh Land, Wild Belle and local spotlight artisit RDKN.

Nanna Øland Fabricius and the band traveled all the way from Denmark. Fabricus has a beatiful voice, a fun energy and her accent makes her extra charming. She’s a mix of Feist and Lily Allen, with a heavy dance-pop influence in her music and an R&B feel to her lyrics.

Returners to the Ogden Twilight, Wild Belle, plays their set on June 1st, 2017. Photo credit: Maddy Van Orman

Returning from last year is Wild Belle, a Chicago-born brother-and-sister duo, Elliot and Natalie Bergman, who have this totally unique reggae/folk/indie pop style.

Natalie is another bad-ass, female lead singer who knows how to rock the stage (especially in her giant, red hat). Her deep, sultry voice and wide range make Natalie a captivating performer.

What if you missed the concert? You can find all last week’s bands’ music online, and I would recommend checking them out.

Lead singer from Oh Land describes how much more suiting her songs feel next to the majestic mountains of Utah. Photo credit: Maddy Van Orman

The June 8 show features OK Go with Dan Deacon and local band Mojave Nomads. OK Go is kind of a big deal, with their Grammy Award for their music video and everything. Go to for more info. See ya Thursday!

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