According to the NCAA, 98.1 percent of all college football players never play a second of professional football after their college careers. Former Weber State University quarterback Jadrian Clark is now one of the 1.9 percent who made it to the next level.

Staying true to his mascot, Clark is now playing for the Kirchdorf Wildcats of the German Football League 2. The German Football League 2, commonly known as the GFL2, is Germany’s second-tier American football league.

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Senior Jadrian Clark hugs his family members during an emotional Senior Day Nov 12. (Abby Van Ess / The Signpost)

Clark told the WSU athletic staff that he is thrilled to be playing overseas. As a Florida native, Clark showed that he is not afraid of new culture and scenery by playing in Utah for four years. This is more of the same for Clark, who mentioned that he has already traveled to European countries like Spain, Italy and Switzerland, among others.

The Kirchdorf Wildcats have already begun their season, and Clark has played a decisive role in their performance over the first two games by passing for 547 yards and six touchdowns, while picking up another 76 yards and two touchdowns on the ground.

Clark averaged 252.3 passing yards per game, third in the Big Sky Conference, during his senior year at Weber State. He started in all 12 of Weber’s games in the 2016 season and played in 33 games during his career at WSU.

While being one of the very few who proceed to play sports professionally after college, Clark also joined a select few in becoming a professional football player with a bachelor’s degree. Clark graduated from Weber State University in April with a degree in Business Administration.

Clark isn’t through with football, and football isn’t through with him either. He said that he has been enjoying playing in a new place with people of various backgrounds.

He is one of three Americans on the Kirchdorf roster, one of whom is Madison Mangum, brother of Brigham Young University quarterback Tanner Mangum and first team All-Big Sky athlete from Idaho State University.

Clark is happy to be playing the sport that he loves in a new environment.

“Most people are hard-working, very intelligent and most speak English, so the language barrier is less than I expected,” Clark said. “It has been great to just focus on football and enjoying life.”

It seems that Clark has two loves, football and being a Wildcat, that he simply cannot contain his passion for, even after his time at Weber.

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