Last week’s Twilight concert was alive with crowd interaction. Everyone was wide awake — except an adorable baby sleeping on her mom’s shoulder (goals.) The lineup consisted of Dan Deacon, OK Go and local band Mojave Nomads, who drove a whole five minutes to get to the concert. They’re a group of young Utah natives who remind me of the high school band all the hipsters wanted to start but never did. Except they actually did, and it’s great. Mojave Nomads have been gaining popularity in the Ogden and Salt Lake scene over the past few years with their alternative pop-rock sound.

The crowd pulls out their cell phone lights as main singer from OK Go plays an acoustic solo in the middle of the crowd. Photo credit: Maddy Van Orman

Dan Deacon took the stage next and immediately got people out of their seats. He warned that he’s wasn’t used to playing in the daytime, that he was used to playing in front of an electro-fueled mosh pit. Deacon began recording in 2003 during his years at Purchase College in New York and has since gained a cult following. Deacon made the crowd form dance circles and a conga line, punctuating each song wth a hilarious anecdote. If you want to see some unique music videos, look him up on YouTube.

OK Go had so much energy it was impossible not to dance. Lead vocalist Damian Kulash answered the audience’s questions, sang a song in the the middle of the crowd and at the end even invited attendees on stage to dance with the band’s hit “Here It Goes Again.” So yeah, if you weren’t there, you were most definitely square.

Next week’s concert features Louis the Child and Troyboi with local spotlight JPAN. Tickets start at $6.25. Go to to get more info for the June 15 concert. The season’s entire lineup is posted online.

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