The Shins concert was completely sold out. With the amphitheater completely packed, bleachers were set up to accommodate the crowd, but luckily, everyone was pretty laid back and friendly — much like the music.

Pure Bathing Culture as the opening act set the mood with their soft, dreamy tunes. The duo from Portland met in college. While waiting in line, I eavesdropped on this guy talking about how the duo’s guitarist, Daniel Hindman, was messing around with a loop pedal when vocalist and keyboard player, Sarah Versprille came over and started writing music to the loop.


Daniel and his buddies laughed at first, but Versprille’s casual lyrics transformed into a song that turned into their first self-titled EP. (I looked it up; the story is true!)

When The Shins finally took the stage, the energy in the amphitheater rose as the sun set. The group’s talent was immense, and I was particularly struck by how the group’s live performance sounded exactly like their recordings.

They have been likened to Broken Bells (which Shins’ frontman James Mercer is one half of), Modest Mouse, Death Cab for Cutie and Wilco by music websites. But for me, The Shins are hard to compare with anyone else because while they do have an overall vibe to their music, each song speaks (and sings) for itself.

By the end of the concert, the whole crowd was singing along and swaying to the music. There were some real Shin-heads there, which was fun to see. If “Shin-heads” is not what their fans are called, they should be.

The Shins stage set up. Photo credit: Maddy Van Orman

Sadly, next week is the season’s last concert. Miike Snow and Klangstof will be concert series’ final act. If you plan on going, get your tickets as soon as you can, this show might sell out soon.

Miike Snow is a Swedish indie electro-pop trio with a few radio hits including “Genghis Khan” and “Animal.” In March, they announced that they would be touring the US with Phantogram and Glass Animals (yes, please.)


Go to to get your tickets before they are gone, plus they are cheaper in advance.

I’ll see you June 29 for the conclusion on the Ogden Twilight concerts.

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