If you find yourself hungry while at school, you have no reason to fear being unable to procure sustenance. There are plentiful options for dining while on or near campus, for any and all budgets. Here is a rundown of the most accessible choices.

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Storefront of the newly-built Quick Zone convenience store. (Joshua Wineholt)

Starting with the nucleus of campus, Shepherd Union, you have three options: Sodexo, Wildcat stores and vending machines.

Option one: Sodexo

Average cost: $8

Average time: 5–10 minutes

Sodexo operates the food vendors within Shepherd Union with five options, including an expanded C-Store, Einstein Bros. Bagels, Tres Habaneros, Stone Pizza Co. and an AFC Sushi. Sodexo also runs Waldo’s Corner Pocket and the Wildcat Room.

The Wildcat Room is a place for finer dining on campus and has a diverse menu, which varies by day. It is a little pricier, but this is where most of the vice presidents, provosts and distinguished guests dine while on campus. You can view their weekly menu online.

Option two: Wildcat stores

Average cost: $5

Average time: 5 minutes or less

Wildcat stores, such as the bookstore, contain a basic convenience store selection at rock-bottom prices. A 20 oz. soda, bag of chips and candy bar totals $3.88 out the door.

If you refuse to pay high prices and want a fresher selection than the vending machines, Wildcat stores are your prime choice for the dollar value.

Art Elements, located within the Kimball Visual Arts Center, is an oasis on campus. Art Elements offers Café Ibis coffees and espresso drinks for a high-quality barista experience at an average of $5 per drink. In addition to the foods available at the bookstore, Art Elements sells sandwiches, bagels, muffins and various seasonal treats, averaging a total of $4.

Option three: Vending machines

Average cost: $5

Average time: 5 minutes or less

If you have a night class or need food any time after 6 p.m., this is your one and only on-campus option. A 20 oz. soda, bag of chips and candy bar is $4.15. The chips are mini bags, but if you are desperate, this is at least something. Most take credit cards, but finding change is almost as difficult as finding food after hours.

Off-campus options

Moving to your off-campus options, these include fast food, cafés, restaurants and delivery.

Average cost: $5 to $8

Average time: 30–45 minutes

With Burger King and 7-11 so close to campus, these are the options most used by students. They are both roughly a 15-minute walking distance from Shepherd Union one-way, so budget your time to avoid being rushed or having to sprint back to class. Burger King also accepts Weber State dining dollars.

Other close-to-campus options include Café Villa Bella, a 10-minute walking distance, which offers beverages and delicious sandwiches. There is also Beto’s and Little Caesars, both a 15-minute walking distance, or, if you take the 603 bus, a 5-minute walk.

Delivery is also an option with Domino’s, Pizza Hut or Jimmy John’s, next to Café Villa Bella. The Pie Pizzeria and Lucky Slice also deliver to Weber State — just be sure your pickup spot is easily found.

A final area option for food is to take the Wildcat shuttle bus up to the Dee Events Center. From there, you are within a 5-minute walking distance of Arby’s, Carl’s Jr. and Ligori’s.

Ligori’s is a bit pricey — for sodas anyway — but they do offer a WSU discount. If you phone in your order, they can have most orders ready within 10 minutes.

That’s food in a nutshell here at WSU, with the exception of one last source of sustenance: leftover catering from student affairs events. As you walk around Shepherd Union, there are typically a number of events going on, and if you are polite and catch them at the right time, you can score a free plate from the host.

The usual places are the Sky Room on the fourth floor, the ballrooms, the Diversity Center and the rooms located in the northwest corner of the third floor in Shepherd Union. Remember to be polite and appreciative if you do happen to score a free plate.

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