1. What percent of Whole Food prices dropped when a deal was settled with Amazon?

A. 39 percent

B. 43 percent

C. 47 percent

2. What hurricane recently canceled thousands of flights to and from Texas?

A. Lee

B. Whitney

C. Harvey

3. Which university is prohibiting their marching band from playing a song with Confederate ties?

A. University of Alabama

B. University of Maryland

C. Mississippi State University

4. Which male-dominated major should be pursued more by women, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer?

A. Finance

B. Engineering

C. Biology

5. To which state are South American students flooding for education?

A. New Mexico

B. Arizona

C. Florida

6. There’s a petition to remove which judge from the infamous Brock Turner Case in the Santa Clara County Superior Court?

A. Judge Howard

B. Judge Persky

C. Judge Low

An exterior view of the Whole Foods Market at 115 Mack Ave., seen on Jan. 27, 2015, in Detroit, Mich. (Terrence Antonio James/Chicago Tribune/TNS)

1. B. On the first day that Amazon bought Whole Foods Inc., the food prices dropped as much as 43 percent on their hit sellers. These items include bananas, avocados and large brown eggs, according to Bloomberg.

Whole Foods Inc. was bought for $13.7 billion, and prices for many food stocks were changed drastically — either by 43 percent or in a similar range. Other competitors like Wal-Mart, Costco and Kroger are about to compete with Amazon since it’s dropping the prices for grocery store produce.

2. C. According to The Los Angeles Times, 6,309 flights have been canceled since Hurricane Harvey swept into Texas. More than 12,000 flights in the nation have been delayed and canceled with countless homes and streets flooded and damaged. Increasing numbers of people have been injured and displaced from their homes due to this incident.

Residential neighborhoods near the Interstate 10 sit in floodwater in the wake of Hurricane Harvey in Houston, on Tuesday, Aug. 29, 2017. (Marcus Yam/Los Angeles Times/TNS)

3. B. The University of Maryland’s marching band will no longer play their original school song due to its historical condemnation of President Abraham Lincoln and the Northerners during the Civil War. The song was set to the tune of “O Tannenbaum,” a Christmas carol.

The Baltimore Sun reports that lawmakers attempted to change the song to have a different meaning, but they were unsuccessful. Because of the recent events in Charlottesville, the school was able to move forward positively.

4. A. An article in The Philadelphia Inquirer encourages females to be more involved in a finance major, which is primarily dominated by males. The degree can promote female STEM program students because the major requires a lot of math.

The women will also be part of the ranks of higher-ranking personnel, such as CEOs. They’ll need business skills and the courses needed to teach them can be found in the major.

5. C. Students from South America are joining schools across Florida due to economic and political unrest, according to the Miami Herald. While the nations of Venezuela and many other countries can stabilize their position, some students will be in American schools for education and safety.

Because of the crisis, Florida has to build new schools to house these students in addition to Florida natives.

6. B. Petitions to recall Judge Aaron Persky have Judge Kay Tsenin working on the case. The petitions amassed over 58,500 signatures for this recall, according to The Mercury News.

If the case is in favor of Judge Persky, the signatures would be invalid. If the case is not in favor of the judge, a new judge needs to be elected to complete the 2022 campaign.

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